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    Posted: 25 August 2017
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    Women for Women InternationalRwanda (WfWI) seek a dynamic and experienced candidate for the position of Advocacy Coordinator based in Kigali with travel to other locations as required.


    The Advocacy Coordinator is primarily responsible for a wide range of advocacy activities to be delivered by WfWI-Rwanda and to ensuring WfWI’ s advocacy program is implemented in accordance to our guidelines and grant requirements. The Advocacy Coordinator is responsible for the enrollment of participants in advocacy training activities, organizing advocacy trainings, and support to groups of women and men conducting activities under the Advocacy and Men’s Engagement Program. In addition, he/she will support work to strengthen civil society organizations’ efforts to carry out advocacy and accountability projects to address gaps in government anti-gender based violence (GBV) efforts. Advocacy work will focus on building local community leaders’ efforts (including men and women) to build their capacity on how to conduct and develop advocacy plans and identify challenges related to GBV in their communities. The Advocacy Coordinator works under the supervision of the Social Empowerment (SE) Manager.


    1. Advocacy Program Design and Preparation
    a. Assist and work with WfWI colleagues to develop and finalize organization priorities, goals and objectives and work plans related to Advocacy program.
    b. Work with WfWI colleagues (globally) to help develop Advocacy Program curriculum and training material to the local context
    c. Support the work strengthening local CSO and Government response to GBV prevention and advocacy
    d. Sensitize communities and other stakeholders, including the Government to the Advocacy Program.
    e. Overall supervision of all advocacy activities and reporting back to SE Manager.

    2. Advocacy Program Implementation
    a. Responsible for the enrollment of Advocacy Program participants, including the male champions, and ensure they attend trainings and orientation activities.
    b. Monitor the effectiveness of the program, including gathering feedback from participants.
    c. Provide ongoing support to Advocacy graduates by developing individual work plans with graduates and provide ongoing support to them to implement these plans.
    d. Together with the SE Manager, Global Programs Unit, and Senior Manager for Policy and Advocacy, develops training and other program tools (curricula, etc.) for advocacy activities – this may include additional resources on GBV.
    e. Coordinate annual meetings and trainings with groups of Advocacy graduates to support peer-to-peer learning as well as organizational review and learning of the program’s implementation.

    3. Partnerships, Sub-grants, and other Collaborations

    The Advocacy Coordinator will lead on the design and delivery of joint-advocacy strategies with Partners to affect positive change on GBV in communities where WfWI works. This will include:
    a. Designing and agreeing annual joint-advocacy plans with partners, which are monitored and reviewed?
    b. Coordinating advocacy activities, including those in communities where WfWI works and other activities such as conferences/workshops.
    c. Supporting graduates of the Advocacy Program to engage in joint-advocacy activities.
    d. Facilitate regular meetings with Partners to ensure effective implementation of joint-advocacy plans and ensure that partnerships adhere to the provisions set down in the sub-grant agreements (including capacity building).

    The Advocacy Coordinator will also lead on developing partnerships with advocacy partners to affect positive change on GBV at the national level. This will include:

    a. Mapping and identifying potential partners (such as other NGOs, advocacy networks, etc.).
    b. Developing partnerships with these potential partners and developing agreements (MoUs) with them for collaboration which will include consultation with WfWI communities and may include opportunities for Advocacy graduates.
    c. Help identify gaps in Government’s efforts to implement its anti-GBV policies and programs.
    d. To support WfWI’s global advocacy objectives, the Advocacy Coordinator will also lead on efforts to inform donors’ and influencers’ policy and practice regarding GBVThis will include mapping and identifying targets, building and maintaining connections with them through, for example, meetings and correspondence.

    4. Reporting

    a. Periodically review advocacy objectives and approaches, identify gaps, develop and execute strategies for improved integration and impact.
    b. Complete regular reports on progress of Advocacy Program and Partnerships/Collaborations as part of grant and organizational reporting.

    5. Administrative and Other Tasks
    a. Prepare for and attend WfWI global meetings as required.
    b. Where appropriate, represent WfWI at network meetings.
    c. Ensure records are kept of meetings and plans;
    d. Maintain accurate and timely written documentation in community and main office files, (from entry to exit).
    e. Develop and facilitate advocacy community groups/committees under the direction of SE Manager.
    f. Search and analyze community-level challenges and difficulties, together with the help of the SE Manager.
    g. Meet with other staff from different departments such as Coordinator, Trainers and Supervisor as needed and/or per request and maintain a professional working relationship with staff and public.


    1. At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Social Work or a related discipline.
    2. At least five (5) years relevant work experience, preferably with a NGO.
    3. Strong interpersonal and communication skills with a variety of stakeholders.
    4. Significant understanding of the cultural and religious context of Rwanda.
    5. Experience in designing and delivering women’s grassroots advocacy training programs.
    6. Experience in designing and delivering effective advocacy strategies, joint-advocacy experience desirable.
    7. Understanding of women’s rights issues within Rwanda, particularly Gender Base Violence
    8. Strong familiarity with women’s organizations and CSOs working on GBV issues in Rwanda.
    9. Strong understanding of Men’s Engagement program and other men’s engagement strategies working in Rwanda and the region.
    10. Ability to coordinate a range of activities, including trainings, workshops, community meetings, etc.
    11. Fluency in local language required and strong English skills desirable.
    12. Good problem-solving skills and ability to monitor the work of others and address problems effectively.
    13. Commitment and respect for Women for Women International’s mission and values.
    Proficiency in computer skills including MS Office and email applications.

    How to apply:

    Interested applicants are requested to read and complete very carefully the following application form available on the "Apply for this job" button below. Deadline for submission of application is September 9, 2017.

    Only short listed applicants will be invited to interview. No telephone inquiries please.

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