Posted: 9 September 2017
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    What does it require to post a job advert on umurimo.com?

    Posting a job advert on umurimo.com is 50,000frw only.

    Is 50,000frw per advert or per position?

    It is per advert, if you need us to advert many positions in one advert you will pay only 50,000frw

    If you need that we advertise each position separately, you will pay for each advert 50,000frw

    How long does the advert last on umurimo.com

    As long as it is requested by the client, we don’t have a time limit.

    Is it possible that applicants can pass through umurimo.com for application?


    Is it possible to get a discount?

    The discount is possible especially when you have more than two adverts to publish.

    Is there an annual package?

    Yes if we sign an annual contract it will give you a discounted price.

    After payment how can I send the advert?

    You can send it on info@umurimo.com in both word and pdf version or upload it via our website by clicking JOB POSTS and you follow the instructions

    How do I make payment?

    You can do the deposit via our bank account or pay cash.

    Can umurimo.com do the pre selection for the client?

    Yes it is possible, send us an email on info@umurimo.com requesting it and we will send you a quotation.

    If I need any other information, who should I contact?

    Send us an email on info@umurimo.com, we will get back to you or call us on 0788547033/0788455701

    Apart from job advertisement what other services can you offer?

    • We can put a web banner on our website, ( for space you can check where it is written advertise here)

    • We can advertise your products through our Facebook page with more than 24 thousand fans ,

    • We can advertise your product/activities through our newsletter mailing lists.

    • We can post an announcement which is not job related

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