• Road Development and Maintenance Engineer

    Employer: Nyamagabe District
    Posted: 16 January 2018
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    Job Description

    Supervise all construction and maintenance works of the District’s Roads, Sewage, Bridges and Drainages;
    Produce and update on a regular basis an inventory of the District’s roads state;
    Consolidate roads construction and maintenance needs across the District;
    Suggest, through his or her direct supervisor, a set of intervention priorities in matters related to roads construction and maintenance;
    Prepare progress and completion reports on roads under construction or maintenance;
    Work hand in hand with any delegated contract management agency contracted by the District to oversee the design and execution of roads construction and maintenance

    Job Profile

    A0 in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Public Works, Construction

    Key technical skills and knowledge required:

    - Deep understanding on Government policies implementation;

    - Road Maintenance skills

    - High Analytical skills;

    - Coordination, planning and organizational skills

    - Report writing and presentation skills;

    - Leadership skills;

    - Interpersonal skills;

    - Effective communication skills;

    - Administrative skills;

    - Time management skills;

    - Team working skills;

    - Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage

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