• Recruitment of consultant to to develop Organizational Advocacy Strategy

    Employer: THT - Troupe de Personnes Handicapées Twuzuzanye Rwanda
    Oeuvrant au Rwanda depuis 2004 en collaboration avec les autorités pour la promotion des droits des personnes Handicapées, l’organisation THT met en œuvre un projet « Développement local inclusive/Réadaptation à base communautaire (DLI/RBC ) »en collaboration avec Fédération Handicap International et sous le financement de... See more
    Posted: 5 July 2019
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    Terms of Reference for development of THT advocacy strategy

    1. Overview of the Organization:

    The Troupe des Personnes Handicapées TWUZUZANYE (THT) is an organization of persons with Impairments created in 2004 with an idea of doing advocacy through drama, theatres and traditional dances. It is made of all types of impairments and currently, THT has 86 members with 49 female and 37 male. THT is a Non-Government Organization, legally registered for the first time in 2009 and the registration has been renewed in 2012 n029/11 to complete the new law number 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing NGOs in RWANDA THT is one of the 8 organizations that have come together to create the umbrella organization (NUDOR).

    2. Objectives of the Assignment:

    The overall objective of the consultancy will be to develop Organizational “Advocacy Strategy” The consultant will be expected to work with executive committee of THT to develop a five year advocacy strategy, including indicators and measurement tools. The consultant will also be expected to advice THT on potential funding for advocacy work.

    3. Scope of the work:

    The consultant will be responsible for undertaking following tasks:
    -  Coordination with THT Board and its members.
    -  Facilitate workshop to consult with key members and identify priority areas for advocacy over the next five years. The workshop will rely on participatory methods, including brainstorming sessions
    -  Draft a complete advocacy strategy, outlining clear objectives, target activities, allies, deliverables and indicators, as well as an implementation plan for the first 2 years and advice on funding opportunities for such work
    -  Identify specific role of THT advocacy committee, its members and other stakeholders on advocacy strategy in influencing the implementation of policies at grass-root and national level
    -  Provide recommendation on potential structure and focus over the coming two years.
    -  Share the draft advocacy strategy and implementation plan with stakeholders
    -  Prepare final Advocacy Strategy of THT including comments.

    4. Methods and Tools:

    Followingmethodscanbeusedtocompletetheabovementionedtasksandfulfilthepurposeas defined by this ToR.
    1. Desk review of the relevant documents
    2. Literature review
    3. Consultative meetings/interview with relevant stakeholders like potential CSOs, executive committee and THT members
    4. Workshop with THT executive committee and National members
    5. Documentation
    6. Presentation

    5. Key qualification, experience and skills of the consultant

    The candidate should possess the following skills and competencies:
    -  At least post graduate degree in a public health, social science field
    -  In-depth knowledge and understanding of issues of health and disabilities inequities in Rwanda.
    -  Extensive work experience and proven record in advocacy, policy, campaign, strategic management.
    -  Demonstrate experience of having undertaken similar assignments
    -  Good analytical and documentation/report writing skills
    -  Good communication and facilitation skills
    -  Excellent command of oral and written English
    -  Cultural awareness and sensitivity to disability issues in Rwanda.

    6. Duration of task completion

    The assignment is estimated to commence with no more than 8 days and to be completed within July, 2019.

    7. Key deliverables

    The consultant should submit following key deliverables,
    -  Inception report: Outlining details of activities with proposed methodology and timeline/delivery dates
    -  Schedule of workshop and session plan
    -  Draft advocacy strategy for feedback and comments
    -  A final strategy (e-copy and hard copy) in English, including implementation plan for the first year after incorporation of stakeholders comment.

    8. Budget for the task

    The payment will be made as follows:
    1st instalment – 50% (after signing the agreement); and
    Final instalment – 50% (after submission of final deliverables) Finance section will deduct tax at the prevailing tax rules.


    The assignment should be completed in 7 working days including reporting preparation.

    10. Procedure for submission of expression of interest

    Interested consultants should submit below mentioned documents by 5pm on 15th/July/2019.

    -  An updated CV (Maximum3 pages)
    -  An application letter including remuneration requirements(daily rate) and contact information for two work- related referees
    -  Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed. Only short listed candidates will be contacted


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