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    Employer: Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB)
    Rwanda Union of the Blind is a local non-governmental organization legally operating in Rwanda since 1995. It is registered with Rwanda Governance board under the legal personality no 60/05 of 16/03/1995 to work towards the improvement of the living conditions of persons with visual impairment in... See more
    Posted: 23 November 2017
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    1. Background

    1.1. About RUB

    Rwanda Union of the Blind is a local non-governmental organization legally operating in Rwanda since 1995. It is registered with Rwanda Governance board under the legal personality no 60/05 of 16/03/1995 to work towards the improvement of the living conditions of persons with visual impairment in Rwanda.

    RUB is a member of the National Union of Disabilities Organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR). It is also affiliated to the African Union of the Blind (AFUB) and the World Blind Union (WBU). Over time, the RUB strengthens and extends the scope of its activities by establishing branches in almost all districts of the country. Currently, RUB has 54 well-established branches in 27 out of 30 districts with its headquarters in Kigali City, Nyarugenge District, Muhima Sector on Poids -Lourds Road.

    All its branches are managed by the visually impaired People and focus mainly on advocating for their rights and promoting income-generating projects.
    RUB envisages to have a situation where all necessary services for people with visual impairment are provided as a right of the individual and hope to see education and employment opportunities as well as all other welfare services being as available to those who are visually impaired as they are to all other citizens.

    1.2. Background of the projects to be evaluated

    1.2. a. Mobilizing Blind persons from the grassroots (111503)

    From 2015 to 2017 Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB) received a project grant from MYRIGHT through partnership with SRF. The project idea emanate from the fact that drastic changes have been seen in the living conditions of people with visual impairment where RUB has been active. We felt the need to make RUB accessible to as many people with visual impairment as possible by coming closer to them. It is also necessary to continue strengthening the already established RUB Branches to enhance their possibility for continued self sustenance. The project is seeking to strength six existing branches and to establish four new branches in kirehe and Rutsiro districts in order to join the National organization in the effort towards achieving meaningful participation and equality. The project aims at reaching 270 people with visual impairment in the districts of Kayonza, Nyagatare, Gicumbi, Nyaruguru, Kirehe and Rutsiro. The project come up with an objective of increased participation of people with visual impairment in social and economic activities in six districts.

    1.2. b. Improving the situation of persons with Deafblindness in Rwanda (111502)

    There is no organization for people with Deafblindness in Rwanda. In the year 2011 , three national organizations legally operating in Rwanda and working towards the improvement of the lives of persons with dual disabilities of blindness and Deafness, namely: Rwanda Union of the Blind(RUB), the Rwanda National Union of the Deaf (RNUD) and the Rwanda National Association of Deaf women(RNADW) came up with an idea of putting their effort together to help their peers with Deafblindness disability to have an improved life though the project entitled; Improving the situation of persons with Deafblindness in Rwanda”. The idea come from the results of their daily activities as the three organizations came across with persons with Deafblindness who are no longer members of the Deaf organizations or blind organization,
    On the support from MYRIGHT/FSDB, the three mentioned organizations who have members with Deafblindness; implemented a joint project (improving the situation of persons with Deafblindness in Rwanda) together with the aim of making the situation of persons with Deafblindness.

    The project objectives are:

     To improve the communication of people with Deafblindness at the family and Society levels (tactile sign language and social haptic communication).
     To Increase participation of persons with Deafblindness in government program.
     To reduce exclusion of people with Deafblindness from the society and family activities.

    2. Purpose and Justification of the Evaluation

    RUB and MYRIGHT/SRF/SFDB require services of an external evaluation team to evaluate the projects achievements, effectiveness, relevance, and efficiency of MYRIGHT/SRF/SFDB support, under the project’s component the evaluation outcome will be presented to RUB board and Executive Director.

    3. Objectives of the Evaluation

    • To review, evaluate and document projects achievements, effectiveness, relevance and efficiency
    • Assess and track projects results in relation to implementation of project plans and activities, and in terms of reaching/involving the target group and achieving the expected results
    • To assess and document effectiveness and efficiency of the projects support to RUB
    • To make the projects recommendations to MYRIGHT/SRF, SFDB and RUB on which area the next project phase should intervene more.
    4. Outputs and deliverables
    The evaluation shall be conducted in selected project areas and will entail the following two deliverables:
    • A presentation to summarize the findings and recommendations of the evaluation at a validation workshop Kigali with (all key partners) board members and staff;
    • An evaluation report of not more than 15 pages, excluding annexes and executive summary. The report shall comprise an executive summary of not more than 3 pages. Conclusions and recommendations shall be stated in a separate section.

    5. Method of work , activities and timeframe of the Evaluation

    Activity Estimated timeExpected Output
    Preparation by consultants and projects staff
    • Review of project document and progress reports
    • Agreement on activities & timeframes
    • Preparation of meetings/programmes
    1day Common understanding on projects activities
    Evaluation work plan and timeframe.
    Field visits and discussions with beneficiaries/ Stakeholders/ Local authorities 10 days Documented records of interviews and observations with stakeholders.

    Draft evaluation findings.

    Writing and presentation of the reports
    • Draft separated Reports for each of the project & the finalized reports should:

     Contain an executive summary (mandatory)
     Be both quantitative and qualitative)
     Include lesson learnt and conclusions
     Include recommendations

    7 days Draft report delivered to RUB Executive Director for the consideration and comments and the final reports will be validated and approved by RUB board/ stakeholders..
    Submission of Final Reports (two bunds copies for each project). 2 days after presentation The evaluation reports will be submitted within 2 working days after inserting the inputs and comments made during the validation.
    Total estimated days 20 days

    6. Skills and qualifications required:

    • At least masters Degree in social sciences, education and management and having experience in doing research.
    • Significant experience in project evaluation and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data
    • Able to provide evidence of producing high quality assessment/evaluation reports in English, and working within tight schedule.
    • Experience of working with persons with different disability especially those with visual impairment
    • Fluency in English and Kinyarwanda languages.

    Application process

    Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications together with curriculum vitae and relevant supporting documents in hard copies to RUB office. The letter of application should briefly describe how the consultant intends to undertake this assignment for the two projects mentioned above.

    The deadline of application for this evaluation work is 23th November, 2017.

    Donatilla Kanimba,
    Executive Director, RUB



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