• Public Relation and Communication Specialist

    Posted: 22 January 2018
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    Job Description

    - Elaborate the annual communication plan and its corresponding budget;

    - Ensure the approval of the institution communication plan;

    - Ensure the implementation of the approved institution communication plan;

    - Maintain relationships with various public and private media to keep the public informed on the institution’s activities;

    - Collect information from public vis a vis the institutional internal services on needs of institution’s performance;

    - Organize surveys on public opinion about services offered by the institution;

    - Ccommunicate to the management the results from the surveys conducted and advise on the ways forwards;

    - Coordinate the preparation activities of the seminars or press conferences;

    - Coordinate the preparation of speeches, messages, press releases or interviews regarding the institution;

    - Cover recordings for the radio and television programs to disseminate the results of these events;

    - Prepare the articles to be published on institution website, newspapers and other media channels on the achievements of the institution and ensure their right dissemination in the media.

    - Make regular critical analysis of publications in the media (national and international) about the institution and produce summarized technical notes to managers;

    - Communicate to the management the monthly activity reports.

    - Collaborate with the Advisor to ensure the preparation and signature of the minutes of the Senior Management Meeting;

    - Ensure the regular and timely publication of the decisions of the Senior Management Meeting to the staff;

    - Collect the necessary information from projects, divisions and general directorate to be communicated to the public;

    - Elaborate corresponding communications or messages based on the targeted group and disseminate them via the most appropriate media;

    - Supervise the translation of key documents to be communicated to the staff.

    Job Profile

    A0 in Journalism, Communication, International Relations, Marketing, Linguistics and Literature with 3 years of
    working experience or Master’s Degree inJournalism, Communication, International Relations, Marketing,
    Linguistics and Literature
    Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required :

    - Excellent communication skills both oral and in writing

    - Excellent interpersonnal skills;

    - Report writting & Presentation skills;

    - Creativity & Initiative;

    - Good Organizational and Time
    - management Skills,

    - Teamworking Skills;

    - Effective Public relations & Public speaking skills;

    - Interviewing Skills;

    - Fluent in Kinyarwanda, Englishand/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage

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