• Imyanya 2 y’akazi- Nyaruguru District-

    Employer: Nyaruguru District
    Posted: 28 February 2018
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    Job Description

    - Receive and transfer/ orient mails (incoming and outgoing) and ensure the maintenance of the recording system;

    - Carry out fast and accurate computer
    - based capturing of information and mails of the institution as requested;

    - Classify and maintain files and documents according to the information classification or filing practices in use within the institution.

    Job Profile

    A1 in Secretariat Studies, Office Management or A0 in Public Administration, Administrative Sciences, Management, Sociology, Social Work, Law

    Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

    - Knowledge of Office Administration;

    - Communication Skills;

    - Computer Skills;

    - Interpersonal Skills;

    - Orga

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    JADF Officer

    Job Description

    Identify and maintain an updated databank of all development partners operating within the District;

    - Facilitate a regular and optimal functioning of JADF, including at Sector level, and consolidate all reports thereof;

    - Assist in the management of partnerships and coordination of development partner’s interventions operating within the District;

    - Analyze development partners’ annual plans and assist in the assessment of their interventions outcomes on the delivery of District’s development, objectives & targets;

    - Advise the District on potential sources of funding by various District Development Partners.

    Job Profile

    A0 In Development Studies, Political Sciences, International Relations, Governance, Administrative Sciences, Public Administration, Management, Economics.

    Key technical skills and knowledge required:

    - Coordination, planning and organizational skills

    - Leadership skills

    - High Analytical skill

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