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    Employer: Development Bank of Rwanda
    Posted: 25 January 2019
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    The Development Bank of Rwanda is Rwanda’s only National Development Bank mandated to support Rwanda’s development goals. Of recent, the bank has undergone substantial re-organization aimed at positioning itself “To be an innovative and sustainable provider of development finance for socio-economic impact”.

    In order to achieve this vision, the Bank’s new strategic plan (2018-2024) outlines three (3) key strategic themes;

    • Operational Excellence
    • Strategic Partnerships
    • Dynamic Culture

    To help accomplish this ambitious and exciting vision, The Development Bank of Rwanda (BRD) would like to recruit suitable qualified candidates to fill the following positions:


    Take the lead on the Bank’s research and economic analysis activities; applied research policy development:
    • Lead the monitoring and collation of key economic data covering the economy into Suitably organized information to inform, guide and assure the relevance and technical quality of economic research in the bank’s operations Lead the monitoring and collation of key
    • Provides economic analysis needed for project design and appraisal in the priority sectors- thereby helping BRD management make informed decisions on economic viability of projects
    • Provide timely advisory services to management, staff and the Board on a range of economic issues to facilitate decision making at strategy and operational levels;
    • Provide strategic cross cutting support to BRD Management on lending operations and a broad range of analytical and advisory services;
    • Provides vital economic information and projections into the banks strategy development; provides intellectual leadership working with the CEO, SCO and BRD management to define, shape and continuously assess achievement of the banks strategic direction;
    • Provides intellectual leadership, management oversight and quality assurance into the resource mobilization, conceptualization, development and execution of a pipeline of sector projects in coordination with the Bank’s Management team, and in alignment to the Bank’s strategy
    • Oversees/directs the process of assessing and projecting the impact of proposed investments to socio economic development as well as quantifying the post-social economic impact of the Bank’s intervention in the economy;
    • Provides strategic advice to the Banks Management team and leads the economic dialogue with the Government authorities, development partners and other stakeholders in Rwanda
    • Provides intellectual leadership for the bank in national and regional meetings to understand and influence national and regional policy development that will facilitate the bank’s development initiatives;
    • Monitor developments in the economy, research and analyses the country’s economic, financial and sector issues;


    • A minimum of bachelor’s degree in Accounting.
    • Proof of any further training in an accounting profession (ACCA, CPA) will be an added advantage.

    Experience and Skills

    • 5 years relevant managerial experience preferably in a banking environment, financial services sector or education sector;
    • Knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards, and International Standards on Auditing required;
    • Knowledge of Rwanda tax legislation;
    • Computer literacy with proficiency in spreadsheets and accounting software;
    • Fluency in spoken/written English;
    • High integrity and strong character;
    • Team leader with good communication, influencing & interpersonal skills, & ability;
    • To supervise and develop others;
    • Problem solver with strong analytical and numeracy skills;


    Performs a variety of technical and complex auditing activities of automated information systems and operations;
    • Document and analyze various procedures for the area to be audited; test production and application system; and make recommendations for incorporating adequate and cost-effective controls;
    • Review and recommend appropriate audit trails of automated systems in the process of development;
    • Perform comparative studies and evaluate effectiveness of procedures;
    • Review distributed/centralized systems for reliability of output, adequacy of controls and adherence to established standards of operation;
    • Audit information processing operations;
    • Provide training and technical support for non-information technology audit staff;
    • Prepare a variety of technical and analytical reports and correspondence, documenting findings and recommendations;
    • Guide on emerging operational, legal and regulatory compliance matters.


    • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (information management); in Finance or Accounting with additional professional qualifications in systems audit (CISA) or accounting (CPA, ACCA).
    Experience and Skills
    • A minimum of 3 years’ experience in information systems auditing, one year of which must have included significant auditing assignments involving the review of computer-based systems, use of the computer as an auditing tool and evaluation of automated systems in the process of development.
    • Knowledge of Principles and practices of information systems analysis
    • Understanding of methods and techniques used in performing internal audits
    • Experience in modern office procedures; methods and equipment including computers
    • Understanding of operational characteristics of applicable auditing software packages
    • Demonstration of principles of analytical report preparation
    • Knowledge of pertinent local laws, codes and regulations governing internal auditing procedures.


    Develop and maintain the bank’s talent strategy that covers full employment cycle:
    • Talent Acquisition: identification of business talent demands, Talent profiling, capability planning, Recruitment strategy, On-boarding and induction,
    • Staff performance management programs; employee engagement programs, and use of technology;
    • Employee Development: Learning and Development Framework, Coaching and Mentoring programs, Leadership programs, talent exchange programs;
    • Employee Retention: Career path framework, succession planning processes, remuneration strategy and policy and other innovative motivational programs,
    • Work collaboratively with the bank’s leadership team and Human Capital team to develop and implement respective programs;
    • Work and partner with Division managers to make sure that BRD has leadership pipe line of internal leaders available at all levels to meet current and future business requirements;
    • Responsible for designing appropriate programs to attract, motivate, develop and retain BRD’s most talented staff who are assessed as having potential to make a difference to the banks organizational performance;
    • Facilitate and support management teams to create/ strengthen effective teams through use of tools, regular team building activities and ensure BRD has an engaged environment;
    • Advocate for innovative and dynamic solutions, practices that improve employee effectiveness, employee engagement and continuous improvement;
    • Responsible for facilitating Division managers to prepare and implement learning and development programs;
    • Educate managers on individual development best practices and facilitate the overall implementation of career mapping of high potentials, emerging leaders and managers as per the succession plans;
    • Establish succession-planning strategies for identifying, developing, and promoting high potential and high performing staff;
    • Lead the performance review process and provide guidance to managers to ensure effectiveness and provide timely advisory services to management, staff and the Board on a range of Talent Development and management issues to facilitate decision making at strategic and operational levels;
    • Provides vital talent management information and projections into the banks strategy development;
    • Provide intellectual leadership working with the HR and Talent manager, CHCAS and BRD management to define, shape and continuously assess achievements of the banks Talent development and management agenda.


    • A master’s degree in development finance, project management, Social Sciences, HR management and industrial Psychology, Business Administration or related field;
    • Additional specialized qualification/ certification in HRM/ HRD/HRP or related course will be an added advantage.
    Experience and Skills
    • At least 4 years proven experience in a Learning and Development environment;
    • Ability to manage and integrate HR development / management processes to business processes;
    • Understanding of the strategic importance of talent management to the Bank;
    • Understanding of the business strategy and how it links to the HR strategy to create value;
    • Skilled in talent sourcing and strategizing;
    • Understanding of compensation management and retention issues;
    • Skilled in compensation analysis and design;
    • Skilled in employee evaluations and appraisals;
    • Skilled in design of employee training and development strategies;


    Analyze and report the balance sheet risks and propose mitigation measures;
    • Assist to develop policies related to balance sheet risks management;
    • Analyze the interest rate, foreign exchange, liquidity and other risks embedded in the Bank’s balance sheet;
    • Prepare periodic CAMELS report;
    • Analyze and quantify changes in the interest rate and liquidity risks and prepare periodic reports;
    • Determine the bank’s Market risk capital requirement using advanced measurement approach (AMA) methodology;
    • Prepare periodic reports the management ALCO of the Bank and Risk Committee of the Board of Directors;
    • Analyze and report on the market developments, and Support in implementation; of the Bank’s liquidity and market risk exposure policies
    • Monitoring Stress Test and Value-at-Risk Exposures for Foreign Currency and Interest Rate Risks;
    • Assist in conducting annual liquidity /market risk limits assessment
    • Develop liquidity and funding stress tests;
    • Improve liquidity risk measurement practices from time to time;
    • Assess all market and balance sheet related risks by conducting financial researches;
    • Employ computer programs related to statistical analysis for proper risk assessment and analysis;
    • Proffer professional assistance and advice on related mathematical models that help the Bank to valuate financial instruments, optimize problems, and model market behaviors;
    • Assess the Asset and Liability management and guide the Bank.
    • A master’s Degree in finance, Economics, Banking, Business Administration, Mathematics, Actuarial Science, statistics or related discipline.
    • A professional qualification in risk management is an added advantage.
    Experience and Skills
    • At least 3 years’ experience in financial services, preferable in an investment bank, or investment-oriented institution in similar role.
    • Extensive knowledge and experience in treasury and budget management
    • Strong understanding of risk management products such as swaps, options, futures, forwards and other derivatives.
    • Expert knowledge of foreign currency and interest rate risks modelling.
    • Strong understanding of Value-at-Risk computations.
    • Strong understanding of Basel II and III frameworks.
    • Good analytical skills of the local, regional and international financial environment
    • Good understanding of the best Asset and Liabilities planning practices.
    • High level of accuracy in the evaluating financial records and documents


    Provide the REF Project Manager with support covering the credit strategy, portfolio management, policies, procedures, processes and products;
    • Coordinate & oversee the collection of supporting information and evidence documentation for formal verification processes;
    • Support & liaise with the Financial Reporting Officer on the design and delivery of fit for purpose information to ensure accurate and consistent REF portfolio reporting;
    • Assess & maintain oversight of the credit risk quality by analysing the management information produced & sanctioning verifications;
    • Analyse and test compliance to conditions of sanction, monitoring and control, etc. to maintain the quality of the credit risk profile of the portfolios per REF window;
    • Develop appropriate aggregation models for assessing and reporting on a REF window portfolio basis by assessing exposure of credit risk.
    • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Economics, Banking, statistics, Mathematics or related discipline
    • Professional qualifications in a related field (e.g. CFA, ACCA, CPA) would be an added advantage
    Experience and Skills
    • At least 3 years’ experience in banking or financial services organization in a similar role
    • Working knowledge and experience in risk management
    • Working knowledge of banking laws in Rwanda
    • High level of accuracy in the evaluating financial records and documents.\
    • Knowledge of the loan application conditions
    • Extensive analytical skills as well as problem identification and solving skills
    • Good judgement and mental agility.


    • Create ways to store, organize, and present data;
    • Work with businesses and managers to identify user needs;
    • Perform complex technical, analytical and professional services involving program/member services, evaluation, database-driven Web sites, office operations;
    • Administer a variety of database systems including Microsoft SQL Server, Filemaker Pro, & others;
    • Maintain and administer Web server and middleware tools.
    • Set up new computer databases;
    • Integrate old systems data with new system;.
    • Test and coordinate modifications;
    • Assume the technical lead for SQL Server and online database projects.
    • Create high-level reporting systems;
    • Audit, modify, and amend data in systems using SQL commands, hand-editing, and bulk import;
    • Troubleshoot and correct issues as they arise;
    • Ensure system is running smoothly;
    • Plan and coordinate security measures alongside network administrators.
    • Enhance or build database designs.

    • A Bachelors degree in Computer Science or relevant discipline

    Experience and Skills

    • Minimum of 2 years experience in a similar database administrative role;
    • Ability to meet and strive to exceed the needs of internal and external customers by producing quality work and service
    • Able to go the ‘extra mile’ to achieve tasks, objectives and targets;
    • Demonstrates good attention to detail across all areas of work
    • Able to work together with colleagues to pool skills, ideas and resources to achieve objectives and resolve problems
    • Able to take ownership of area, accepts issues and follow up with actions to rectify.


    • Identification of new opportunities;
    • Ensuring that PFIs (Participating Financial Institutions) have dedicated investment officers focused on the REF portfolio and adequate procedures that meet the REF (Renewable Energy Fund) OM (Operations Manual) requirements;
    • Provide technical information to PFIs related to their REF related portfolios & provide advice & guidance to PFIs on details on using and managing REF tranches;
    • Review the portfolio to be refinanced ensuring that the eligibility criteria in OM have been met and specify the refinancing amount and terms and conditions;
    • Review the utilization of funds by a PFI to confirm that the OM requirements were followed for any new tranches;
    • Prepare periodic reports on respective PFI portfolios and REF utilization.

    • A Bachelor’s degree in finance, management, accounting, economics or related discipline.

    Experience and Skills
    • Minimum of 4 years of work experience in project finance or investment
    • Strong financial, credit and structuring skills
    • Business development and client relationship skills
    • Interpersonal skills and ability to communicate clearly across all lines of business
    • Relevant computer skills.


    • Develop, implement, maintain and oversee enforcement of policies. procedures and associated plans for system security administration and user system access based on industry-standard best practices;
    • Creatively and independently provide resolution to IT security problems in accost-effective manner;
    • Monitor networks to ensure security;
    • Assess and communicate any and all security risks associated with any and all purchases or practices performed by the bank IT unit;
    • Carry out technical vulnerability assessments of IT systems and processes, identifying potential vulnerabilities, to make recommendations to control any risks identified and to ensure they are implemented;
    • Be responsible for the coordination of regular Information Security Reviews in the Bank and making recommendations to minimize risks;
    • Provide high quality Information Security guidance documentation and training;
    • Identify legal, regulatory and contractual requirements and organizational policies and standards related to information systems to determine their potential impact on the business objectives;
    • Create and maintain a risk register to ensure that all identified risk factors are accounted for;
    • Assemble risk scenarios to estimate the likelihood and impact of significant events to the organization;
    • Design information systems controls in consultation with process owners to ensure
    • Alignment with business needs and objectives;
    • Provide progress reports on the implementation of information systems controls to inform stakeholders and to ensure that deviations are promptly addressed;
    • Test information systems controls to verify effectiveness and efficiency prior to implementation;
    • Implement information systems controls to mitigate risk;
    • Ensure all controls are assigned control owners to establish accountability.

    Education: A master’s Degree in information technology, Computer Science or related discipline.

    Experience and skills required:
    • 4 to 5 years of working experience in IT security and Risk management
    • Experience in auditing is preferred
    • Experience in the financial/banking industry is preferred.
    • Certification in Information Security is preferred.
    • Report writing skills are required.
    • Must be able to summarize and communicate technical data to a non-technical audience.
    • Excellent Working knowledge of up- to -date desktop applications and server security
    • Knowledge of Windows servers, Workstations.MS Exchange, VMware, Citrix, anti-Virus and other various software applications


    • Develop, plan and implement the operational risk management framework (identification, assessment, measurement, monitoring and reporting of operational risk) to support the delivery of the Bank’s strategic plan;
    • Exhibit leadership in collaboration with business partners to identify the operational risk incidents with root cause analysis by challenging internal business partners on the risks, controls and potential impacts of the incidents;
    • Proactively provide specialist operational risk advice and constructive challenge to the wider operational risk management team (Risk Champions);
    • Develop models and tools for assessing, evaluating and monitoring operational risks to ensure that all exposures are addressed;
    • Minimize the Bank’s exposure to operational risks by assessing, mitigating, monitoring & report Key risk indicators and related operational risk exposures;
    • Lead business continuity and disaster recovery planning and ensure that business continuity plans are updated and tested on a regular basis;
    • Collate, challenge and report on aggregate risk profile, control effectiveness and actions taken in line with the Entreprise Risk Management to Board Risk Committee;
    • Lead the assessment and establishment of controls on computerised systems to protect the Bank against technology risks as well as internal and external fraud;
    • Use professional knowledge, experience and skills to influence, guide, monitor and credibly challenge as appropriate the risks decisions;
    • Design and implement the annual operational risk control and self-assessment process (RCSA), enabling the business lines to identify, develop and report their specific risks and controls in line with regulatory requirements, the bank’s risk appetite statement (RAS), their business model and strategy and the industries best practices;
    • Production of committee/board level material/presentations providing periodic status reports illustrating the effectiveness of operational risk management control initiatives.


    • Master Degree in Business Administration in Finance, Economics, Banking, statistics, Mathematics/
    • Actuarial Science or related discipline
    • A professional Qualification in Risk Management is a competitive advantage

    Experience and Skills
    • At least 5 years’ banking experience in a similar role;
    • Extensive knowledge and experience in risk management practices and reporting of results;
    • Good analytical skills and reporting of company risk profile
    • Good understanding of the best Enterprise Risk Management practices;
    • High level of accuracy in the evaluating financial records and documents;
    • Sound organizational skills.
    • Extensive analytical skills as well as problem identification and solving skills;
    • Results orientation and high level of integrity;
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills.


    • Develop the Procurement strategy and budget and ensure effective implementation in line with the overall approved Plans of the SPIU;
    • Manage the procurement process to meet all the procurement needs of the SPIU in liaison with the project managers of the Renewable Energy, Affordable Housing projects and Tender Committee to ensure that purchase and contract processes including; verification and approval of purchase requests from cost centers, prequalification of vendors, development and issuance of tender documents, awarding of contracts and contract management are in line with the SPIU budget forecasts. The procurement policies and procedures of World Bank and Development Bank of Rwanda will be respected;
    • Lead contract negotiations for Key Bank Vendors; including contractual terms/ conditions and pricing to ensure cost effectiveness of the purchases;
    • Initiate and manage new and ongoing vendor relationships through frequent contact and discussions and formal quarterly business reviews;
    • Provide strategic advice to the Bank’s management team, SIPU Coordinator and Project managers and submit periodic reports on the execution of the procurement plan;
    • Continuously assess risks inherent in the procurement process and develop mitigating measures to ensure risk reduction as well as keeping an up-to-date schedule of market prices & services;
    • Perform any other duty as will be tasked by your supervisors from time to time.

    • A Bachelor’s degree coupled with a professional procurement qualification CIPS or CILT or related field

    Experience and Skills
    • A min of 4 years’ experience managing procurement activities; preferably in the financial services industry;
    • Knowledge of the procurement regulations of Rwanda.
    • Excellent negotiator (contract terms/ conditions and pricing) with key bank Vendors;
    • Demonstrated effectiveness in managing multiple priorities and meeting deadlines in a fast-paced environment;
    • Ability to network and interact with industry peers to understand regulatory and market trends in order to continuously improve Key Vendor relationship management;
    • Proven ability to communicate effectively with Business and Technical Partners and Vendors with positive results.

    Application Guidelines:

    Interested candidate should apply online (https://www.brd.rw/careers/) and upload application documents including Curriculum Vitae, , copies of degree certificates and professional certificates, past and current service/employment certificates (unproven experience will not be considered during the shortlisting), motivation letter, names of three previous supervisors as well as their emails and telephone. Only online applications shall be considered.

    Email: recruitment@brd.rw (for only inquiries)

    Address all applications to the Chief Human Capital and Administrative Services of the Development Bank of Rwanda.

    Deadline for application: Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 03:00 pm.

    Details of the job descriptions are posted on BRD website: www.brd.rw

    The employment package is highly competitive/attractive.

    Only candidates with the right qualifications and relevant experience shall be shortlisted and contacted for an interview.

    Done in Kigali, the January 10, 2019


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