Posted: 11 January 2018
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    Job Description

    • Provide assistance to improve production procedures, processes and controls.
    • Conduct research, design plus development of all manufacturing processes inclusive of production flow, assembly procedures and production equipment.
    • Perform assignments providing best possible highest quality level.
    • Prepare standard guidelines for proposal submission and evaluation on multiple product lines for different facilities.
    • Manage, train, guide and develop subordinate Manufacturing Clerk personnel skills.
    • Design, develop and test all cost
    - justifying different machinery, tools and equipment for suggested manufacturing industry/companies.
    • Conduct product and process analysis for quality improvement, cost reduction and enhanced efficiency.
    • prepare and issue the call for proposals
    • Conduct proposal evaluations and provide feedback to successful and unsuccessful company/industry
    • Conduct due diligence to confirm the correctness of the information provided and the readiness of the company/industry
    • Respond to all claims that may arise from the process
    • Conduct negotiations and sign training agreements with the successful companies/industries
    • Provide financial and technical support for effective implementation of training
    • Review the proposed training guide
    • Conduct M&E of the training
    • Maintain database of beneficiaries and report to NEP Steering committee and CESB Coordinating on quarterly basis
    • Facilitate the certification process of the successfully candidates
    • Monitor and quality assure the apprenticeship arrangements.

    Job Profile

    • A Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering with 5 years of working experience or Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering with 3 years of working experience.
    • Knowledge of TVET framework rules and regulations.
    • Prior experience working as a manufacturing technician, engineering specialist, manufacturing analyst, manufacturing consultant or manufacturing advisor may be an added value.
    • Background in Finance is an added value.

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