• Financial Compliance Monitoring Specialist

    Posted: 9 January 2018
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    Job description

    - Participate in developing of planning and budgeting Earmarked guidelines to guide LG

    - Advice decentralized entities on the effective use of LODA allocations.

    - Inspect, monitor and report on the use of funds allocated to decentralization entities by LODA;

    - Assess risks incurred by LODA in the management of funds allocated to decentralized entities, and recommend appropriate measures;

    - Advise the LODA Administration on financial guidance to ensure that funds allocated to Decentralized Entities are managed in conformity with the agreement;

    - Facilitate partners in the activities related to financial inspection of funds allocated to decentralized entities by LODA.

    - Providing guidance about and applying PFM legislation

    - Examining financial accounts and related documents by gathering information from financial reporting systems

    - planning and completing financial inspection; identifying inadequate, inefficient, or ineffective controls; recommending improvements

    - Assesses compliance with financial regulations and controls

    - Assesses risks and internal controls by identifying areas of non
    - compliance; evaluating financial procedures, identifying financial process weaknesses and inefficiencies

    - Supports external auditors by coordinating information requirements

    Job profile

    A0 Economics, Management, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance, Audit with 3 years of working experience or Master’s degree in Economics, Management, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance or Audit

    Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

    - Knowledge of Rwanda’s financial management standards and procedures;
    - Knowledge of Financial Analysis and Accounting principles and practices

    - Knowledge of Rwanda Public Financial Law;

    - Leadership and management skills;

    - Knowledge to conduct policy and analysis and draft proposals;
    - Knowledge of Monitoring and Evaluation concepts, systems and tools;

    - Computer Skills;
    - High analytical & Complex Problem Solving Skills;

    - Judgment & Decission Making Skills;

    - Team working Skills;

    - Strong Planning and organisational, Budgeting skills;
    - Communication skills;
    - Strong IT skills, particularly in Financial software (SMART IFMIS);

    - Time management Skills
    - Judgment & Decision making skills;

    - Complex Proble solving;

    - Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage.
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