• Finance Officer (Under Contract) - RGB

    Posted: 21 October 2017
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    Job: Finance Officer (Under Contract)


    Level 5.II

    Reports To: Secretary General

    No. of Positions 1

    Deadline: 26/Oct/2017

    Job Description

    Functions and Tasks

    Prepare indirect payments for both ordinary and development budget
    Receive purchase orders and requests for payments in local mode (through BNR);
    Process payment in smart IFMIS through local mode (indirect payments);
    Ensure approval of payment and submission to BNR;
    Ensure timely payments are made by BNR;
    Strengthen and maintain network with BNR and MINECOFIN focal persons for effective service delivery.

    2. File all accounting documents

    Put in place a proper filling system;
    Ensure regular filling of accounting documents for indirect payments;
    Facilitate internal and external audits.

    3. Produce monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements

    Prepare bank accounts reconciliation;
    Analyze financial statements for consistency;
    Correct errors found in financial statements;
    Consolidate the accounting information and fill in the reporting format provided by MINECOFIN;
    Follow up the approval of the financial statement report and submit to MINECOFIN in due time.

    4. Declare and pay VAT and withholding taxes of RGB service providers

    Identify RGB service providers whose VAT and withholding taxes are to be declared and paid;
    Fill in the RRA format for both VAT and withholding taxes;
    Process online declaration of VAT and withholding taxes though RRA website and print acknowledgement receipts;
    File VAT and withholding taxes declarations.

    5. Develop the RGB (ordinary and development) in collaboration with other units.

    Participate in the development of key priorities/Action Plan in line with national and international planning tools such as Vision 2020, EDPRS and SDGs, etc;
    Prepare the MTEF in collaboration with planner and units;
    Enter MTEF data in smart IFMIS;
    Integrate changes in smart IFMIS as agreed in budget consultation meetings;
    Share the approved budget with all staff for execution;
    Strengthen and maintain network with MINECOFIN budget focal person.

    6. Ensure regular follow up of budget execution and update management on progress.

    Prepare annual, quarterly and monthly cash plans in collaboration with other units;
    Prepare and follow up quarterly/monthly operational funds;
    Receive invoices and requests for payment;
    Produce purchase order for payment in respect with budget lines;
    Follow up the approval of purchase orders and distribute them to suppliers;
    Process payment through national mode (direct payments);
    Maintain petty cash for RGB;
    Prepare budget execution periodic reports for decision making;
    Identify budget gaps and propose budget revision.

    7. File all accounting documents.

    Maintain a proper filling system;
    Ensure regular filling of accounting documents for direct payments and petty cash;
    Facilitate internal and external audits.

    Job Profile

    A0 in Accounting, Finance, Management with specialization in Finance / Accounting or Professional Qualification recognized such as : ACCA, CPA, etc .

    Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

    Knowledge of cost analysis techniques;
    Knowledge to analyze complex financial information & reporting;
    Deep understanding of financial accounting;
    Planning and organizational skills;
    A good communicator with excellent interpersonal skills;
    Strong IT skills, particularly in financial software (SMART IFMIS);
    Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage.



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