• Finance and Administration Officer - Kicukiro District

    Employer: Kicukiro District
    Posted: 13 October 2017
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    Job: Finance and Administration Officer
    Organization: KICUKIRO DISTRICT
    Level 5.II
    Reports To: Executive Secretary of Sector
    No. of Positions 3
    Deadline: 18/Oct/2017

    Job Description

    Main duties and Responsibilities:

    • Deputize the Executive Secretary of the Sector in his or her absence;
    • Supervise the planning, budget execution processes and manage the personnel of the Sector;
    • Prepare periodic cash flow plans, fund requests and coordinate payments for goods and services delivered by operators to the Sector;
    • Verify the accuracy of books of accounts, filing and ensure their compliance with public financial management practices;
    • Advise technically the Executive Secretary of the Sector on all matters pertaining to resource utilization.
    • Keep registers of annual inventories of assets of the institution and calculate annual depreciation of fixed assets.

    Job Profile

    A0 in Management, Finance, Public Finance, Accounting, Business Administration, Public Administration

    Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

    • Knowledge of Rwanda’s financial management standards and procedures;
    • Knowledge of Rwanda Public Service Management Standards and procedures;
    • Knowledge of Accounting principles and practices andfinancial data reporting;
    • Knowledge of Human Resource Management Principles and Practices;
    • Knowledge of Rwanda Public Financial Law;
    • Leadership andmanagement skills;
    • Planning and organizational, Budgeting skills;
    • Communication skills;
    • Time management Skills



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