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    Employer: Energy Development Corporation Ltd (EDCL)
    Posted: 13 November 2018
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    The Management of Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL) would like to inform the public that it is recruiting qualified and experienced staff on the following positions:

    Job Title Key Roles/Responsibilities and qualifications required
    Logistics Officer (re-advert) Key roles/responsibilities

    Asset Management

    • Develop and maintain asset registers, including; acquisitions, transfers and valuations of EDCL assets
    • Perform codification and tagging of all EDCL assets
    • Responsible of the supervision and monitoring of Acquisition of the land lease (land titles) registered under REG of all lands expropriated for all projects implemented by EDCL

    Logistics Management

    • Manage planning and implementation of logistics, including coordination with Project Managers.
    • Participate in the development of logistics policies and procedures in line with the procurement policies and strategic objectives of the organization.
    • Assess existing logistics operations systems and advise on corrective measures to be undertaken.
    • Ensure the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of new initiatives and procedures related to logistics.
    • Prepare the logistics component of the budget proposals for consideration during budget review.
    • Conduct special management reviews and/or follow-up on audit observations to assist in the improvement of operations
    • Responsible for the management of the stock including detailed recording of stock movement activities.
    • Ensure appropriate stocktaking reports are timely and regularly prepared;
    • Oversee the preparation, analysis, negotiation, review and management of contracts related to the purchase or sale of equipment, materials, and supplies
    • Supervise rented office’s operations and maintenance,

    Responsible for developing weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual management reports

    Qualifications and experience:

    • At least a Bachelor’s Degree (A0) in Business Administration, Economics, Management, Procurement, Logistics and Supply chain management
    • At least three (3) years of proven experience in a role related to logistics management.
    Driver Key roles/responsibilities

    Car Inspection

    • Inspect car for safe operating condition before, during and after trips and submit a report on the condition of the car at the end of each week.


    • Plan route and requirements by studying schedule or ad-hoc request by the Executive
    • Transport the Executive to different locations as my be advised from time to time


    • Report all accidents and incidents involving drivers or company equipment
    • Maintain records required for compliance with state and federal regulations including driver’s record of duty status, mileage records and other records as required by law


    • Arrange for vehicle care and maintenance (i.e. oil change, tire rotation etc.).
    • Maintain cleanliness of the motor vehicle at all times
    • Fulfil special requests by the Executive including picking up and delivering items as directed and running errands


    • Maintain passenger confidence by keeping information strictly confidential

    Qualifications and experience

    • Diploma (A1) in any discipline with 5 years’ driving experience
    • Driving license of categories either B or C or both
    Transmission-line engineer-Electrical (re-advert) Key roles/responsibilities
    • Develop proper network design alternatives and prepare appropriate expansion Plans, in order to ensure their timely dimensioning
    • Any other duties that might be assigned within the scope and mandate of the unit
    • Manage all the activities of the projects and ensure reliability to promote efficiency;
    • Asses the needs of the projects in terms of materials and tools and ensure that the necessary items are procured in a timely manner;
    • Conduct product demonstrations, provide project status updates and respond to any field technical inquiries
    • Regularly monitor the running of the projects and assess new installations before commissioning;
    • Schedule material deliveries and assist with contract negotiations;
    • Avail a perfectly coordinated plan for protection of the materials and tools being used for the projects;
    • Develop and manage schedules for software and hardware programs;
    • Coordinate and monitor releases from requirements to deployment;
    • Plan, supervise and carry out rehabilitation and reconfiguration of projects;
    • Manage budgets and costs of all the activities which he/she is accountable.
    • Report periodically monthly, quarterly and annually) on the performance of the Directorate (budgets Vs actual targets)

    Qualifications and experience

    At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical or Electromechanical engineering
    At least One (1) year of proven relevant working experience in power transmission-lines.

    Manager Legal Services (re-advert) Key roles/responsibilities
    • Develop legal policies, process and procedures in line with the Rwandan law and the strategic objectives of Energy Development Corporation Limited
    • Update the company legal policy in accordance to new laws, and communicate the same to the different stakeholders
    • Take the lead in the development and reviewing of various policies for Energy Development Corporation Limited
    • Provide a legal support to all other departments in the organisation
    • Provide guidance on legal and governance issues or matters and ensure that all the legal documents signed by EDCL comply with applicable legislation and best practice.
    • Prepare the legal documents engaging the organisation and this includes the internal rules and regulations and manuals among others.
    • Identify and mitigate the legal issues
    • Follow up the disputes internally and outside EDCL
    • Represent EDCL in amicable settlements
    • Monitor and report on on-going case before the courts and arbitration
    • Liaise with EDCL’s outside counsels and attorneys in settlement of legal disputes and provide legal advice
    • Prepare legal opinions, review and undertake research on matters relating to the mandate of the Authority.
    • Provide overall leadership of the legal section and Supervise and manage the performance and development of staff in the department in line with the Organization’s goals, objectives, policies and regulations
    • Develop a section annual work plan and financial budget and monitor their implementation in line with EDCL Business plan

    Qualifications and experience

    • Bachelor’s degree (A0) in law with or a full professional qualification in law. Possession of a Master’s Degree will be an added advantage
    • At least 5 years of proven experience in a legal position with a busy public or private company
    Legal and Policy Advisor for Lake Kivu Monitoring Programme (re-advert) Key roles/responsibilities
    • Negotiate, draft and review agreements in connection with Lake Kivu resources,
    • Assist LKMP in setting up an adequate institutional framework for regulating methane gas extraction in Lake Kivu in cooperation with DRC and other regulatory institutions in Rwanda,
    • Follow up the implementation of MPs (Management Prescription for Development of Lake Kivu Resources) by operators on Lake Kivu;
    • Participate in the negotiation of agreements between methane gas operators and various institutions in Rwanda;
    • Contribute to effective implementation of agreements (PPA, GCA, EIA,…) signed between methane gas operators and Government of Rwanda;
    • Actively participate in the Review of MPs.
    • Review the Requests for proposals and ensure they are consistent and in compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational risk policies.
    • Review the documents engaging the Organisation and provide the legal opinion before the signature;
    • Assess contractual liabilities, understand market and legal risks and mitigate contractually where possible;
    • Assess contracts and arrangements signed in connection with LKMP and advise on the best way to manage associated projects;
    • Provide training on contract provisions internally to the scientific team.
    • Undertake a risk assessment of all legal documents to be signed and provide a brief to the Project Manager of LKMP and to the Managing Director of EDCL
    • Assist LKMP in implementing the data sharing policy to be developed for LKMP
    • Provide an in-house legal opinion and clearance relating to the legal documents including the contracts, agreements, MoU, MoA among others before the signature.
    • Undertake any other task related to that could be requested by the LKMP/EDCL

    Qualifications & Experience

    Bachelor degree in Business law, Company Law, Commercial Law, International Law, Energy Law or other related field in law with experience in a busy company of at least five (5) years of experience


    • Master Degree in Business law, Company Law, Commercial Law, International Law, Energy Law or other related field in law with experience in a busy company of at least three (3) years of experience
    • Experience with Oil and Gas law is an advantage.
    • Knowledge in policy development or concession management is beneficial.
    • Familiarity with conflicts resolution or arbitration is a plus.
    Technical Advisor to the Managing Director of EDCL (re-advert) Key roles/responsibilities
    • Collection required information, analysis & preparation of papers, briefs, reports, presentations & other critical documents for the MD
    • Taking minutes meetings chaired or attended by the MD & monitor & report on implementation of recommendations/actions therein
    • Analyze all issues addressed to MD that require MD’s guidance/decisions and advise MD on possible scenarios
    • Working closely with departments/programmes/projects, monitor and report on implementation of different management decisions and instructions whether issued within EDCL or by REG holding
    • Working closely with the Internal Audit & departments to monitor and report on internal audit recommendations whether internal or from OAG
    • Represent MD in meetings and other assignments as may be delegated
    • Coordination of projects or commitments directly involving the MD and his direct reports.
    • Independent leadership of special MD- initiated projects, ranging from written products to be authorized by the MD to convening thought leaders on various topics
    • Development of draft communication on behalf of the MD and /or research in support of these.
    • Proactive identification of issues that could impact the successful execution of the MD’S commitments
    • Support the executive team’s communications with the MD.

    Qualifications & Experience

    At least a Bachelors’ Degree (A0) in Mechanical, Electrical, Electromechanical Engineering or a relevant Energy related field with at least five (5) years of proven relevant experience in the Energy Sector


    • A Master’s degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Electromechanical Engineering or a relevant Energy related field with at least three (3) years of proven relevant experience in the Energy Sector
    • Having served in a Managerial position in the Energy Sector is an added advantage


    • Excellent written and Oral communication skills;
    • Proficient in report writing and presentation;
    • Possess strong organizational and planning skills;
    • Must be a self- starter who takes initiative and is able to work with minimum supervision;
    • Excellent schedule and time management skills;
    • Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines.
    • Proficient in English. A working knowledge of English is an advantage
    • Working under pressure and even at odd hours;
    • Ability to work evenings and weekends;
    • Ability to travel
    • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.


    Duly signed application letters addressed to the Managing Director of Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL) together with updated detailed curriculum vitae, copies of both academic and professional certificates, proof of related experience/valid work certificates and names and addresses of at least three (3) reference persons and copy of Identity Card should be submitted at the reception of EDCL located at Kigali City Tower Building, 9th Floor not later than 19/11/2018 latest 3 P.M.

    Note: Please note that submission of valid and acceptable proof of experience/work certificates attached to your job applications to support the relevant experience indicated in the applicant’s CVs among other documents highlighted above is a MUST for pre-selection. Candidates will be informed of shortlisting results via lists appended on the REG website (www.reg.rw) under “Jobs” and on EDCL notice boards/floors.

    Done at Kigali on 09/11/2018

    Felix GAKUBA

    Managing Director


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