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    The UR-Sweden Programme for Research, Higher Education and Institutional Advancement (the UR-Sweden Programme) has entered its fourth phase of research cooperation between Sweden and Rwanda for a five years period July 2019 -June 2024.

    The UR Sweden Program is a comprehensive partnership between the University of Rwanda (UR) and fourteen Swedish partner universities who collaborate with the aim of increasing production and use of scientific knowledge of international quality at the UR, that contributes to the development of Rwanda. As one of the key institutional wide partnership the UR Sweden Program is embedded into UR goal to be a research-led university engaged in quality, impactful knowledge production.

    The program is primary guided by the grant agreement between Sweden, the Government of Rwanda and the University of Rwanda (UR) regarding the "University of Rwanda and Sweden Research Partnership 2019-2024"· Sida contribution No 11277 signed on 28’" June 2019 by the Government of Rwanda, The Government of Sweden and University of Rwanda.

    The Programme is organized into 17 sub-programmes each consisting of an implementing unit at UR and one or more Swedish university partners and a Program Coordination Office. The program has 13 Research Training subprograms in the areas of Integrated Agriculture, Engendering Rural Transformation, Social work, Economics research, Management research, Peace, Conflict and security Studies, Bioenergy, waste management and air pollution, water resource management, sustainable energy, digital health, infectious diseases. undernutrition and Mathematics and its applications. In addition, the program supports Research supporting components in selected part of the university central administration, with the aim of improving research management and the research environment. This includes the support to the research management at the UR Directorate for Research, the innovationsupport at the centre for innovation and entrepreneurship, strengthening of the UR library system as well as the university’s lCT infrastructure.

    All these programme components synergies to deliver on six specific objectives:

    • To strengthen the capacity of UR to conduct Master and PhD research training
    • To increase quantity and quality of relevant research for poverty reduction and social economic development
    • To establish administrative and academic structures and systems including infrastructure to support innovation and promote a vibrant research environment
    • To support and develop research management capacity at UR
    • To strengthen the capacity for scientific communication including communication of research results for evidence-based policy development relevant to sustainable national development plans
    • To strengthen the capacity of UR for innovation and knowledge transfer including deepened collaborations between the UR research community and public and private sectors

    The program implementation is both done in Rwanda and in Sweden. As a result, part of the program budget is disbursed to UR and the rest disbursed to partner universities in Sweden. For efficient and effective operation of the UR Sida Research partnership, a dedicated Coordination Office (PCO) has been created at UR and has helped the program achieve its main targets and milestones since its creation in 2008. The PCO based at UR headquarter is the custodian of the program. It operates under the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Institutional advancement and is the primary contact for Sidaj8wedish embassy for the program operations. The office primary responsibility is to oversee and support the implementation of various sub-programs that form the Program and to contribute to institutional learning for sustainability purpose in term of research capacity development, resource mobilization and donor coordination at UR.

    The PCO top performance in steering the program towards results in a complex environment has been a result of capable staff both in terms of retaining existing staff and attracting new very competent staff in key areas. It is in this context the University of Rwanda wishes to recruit competent staff in various capacities who will work on the UR Sweden Program for a 3 years renewable contract


    Number of Positions: 2

    Main Duties and Responsibilities

    As members of the Program Coordination Office, the Financial Management Specialist duties are to assist the Program Coordinator in providing financial support, guidance, information and advice to project managers and staff involved in the delivery of the program’s strategic capital and operating expenditure. Financial Management Specialists will deliver a consistent, high quality financial accounting and management accounting support function to stakeholders, focusing on financial and budget management, decision support, risk management and data intelligence.

    The following task are to be executed:

    1. Ensure the accuracy and integrity of project accounting information (budget, actual, forecast) recorded in accounting systems. This include but not limited to:

    • Undertake financial and accounting activities for projects including journals, forecasting, budgeting, and reporting as per accounting standards in place
    • Assist the Program Coordinator in providing budgeting, cost centre manager reporting, analysis and advice to team leaders on program delivery as required and ensuring the program budget is integrated within the University wide budget;
    • Prepare and issue monthly, quarterly and annual financial management and management accounting reports required by Sida, UR and MINECOFIN through SPIU;
    • To reconcile financial discrepancies by collecting and analysing account information (daily & monthly reconciliations);
    • Provide budget holders with support and explanation of the budget and forecast planning process and assistance in the understanding of any variances between planned and unplanned expenditure; as well as produce high quality analysis and interpretation of variances between budget / forecast and actual costs;

    2. Support the external audit process to achieve the project unqualified audit report and liaise with internal and external auditors and assist in the production of program statutory reporting (e.g. progress reports).
    3. To interpret and apply financial policies, guidelines and procedures as required and to prepare and process the program payments on time.
    3. Contribute significantly to the sound financial management of projects by working as an active partner to project managers;

    • to contribute to the development of a culture of strong financial management throughout the .program environment
    • Undertake financial modelling using cash flow forecasts, ’what if scenarios and income and cost relationships;
    • Maintain the project costing system/cost centers including project setup; ensuring all processes are up to date, propose and implement new control procedures to manage cost allocation and reporting as necessary;
    • Secure financial information by completing database backups and filing

    4. Maintain positive and productive relationships with key stakeholders particularly project managers and team leaders.
    5. Perform such other related duties as may be assigned by the Program Coordinator

    Required Qualification and Skills

    • Master’s degree in Accounting or Finance with 2 years of experience in Financial Management Practices or a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting with Distinction and experience of 5 years.
    • A registration in any Accounting or Finance professional course such as ACCA, CPA, CIMA is a must and having the ACCA, CPA, CIMA qualification is an added advance
    • Experience on usage of accounting packages and mastery of advanced of Microsoft Excel,
    • Having experience in Government accounting including the use of the Government’s Integrated Financial Management System (IFMIS) will be an advantage.
    • Experience in accounting for the donor-funded projects will be an advantage;
    • Skills: Ability to learn quickly, ability to work in a teamwork, analytical skills and attentions to details, planning and budgeting skills. Able to work independently with minimal supervision;
    • Excellent oral and written communication in English


    Number of Positions: 1

    Main Duties and Responsibilities

    As a member of the Program Coordination Office, the Procurement Management Specialist duties are to assist the Program Coordinator in providing procurement support, guidance, information and advice to project managers and staff involved in the delivery of the program’s objective. Procurement Management Specialist will ensure the effective and efficiency purchasing function within the program by delivering a consistent, proactive procurement and purchasing support at planning period, implementation period, and reporting period as well as procurement risk management and data intelligence.

    The following task are to be executed:

    1. To Prepare and ensure timely consolidation of annual procurement plan of the program;

    • to advise and guide Subprogram leaders on the procurement issues during the activity planning and realistic timelines
    • to compile the procurement plan for each subprogram out of the subprogram annual plan and budget in collaboration with the project’s leaders
    • In collaboration with other UR-SPIU Procurement Specialists, to ensure Projects annual procurement plan is consolidated on time, integrated and approved within the University procurement plan
    • To update the procurement plan where necessary and in line with
      approved UR

    3. To Monitor and spearhead the implementation of the procurement plan

    • To advise and assist the team leaders and Principal investigators in preparing all the necessary documents induding but not limited to preparing & Gather information on the specification of required service and materials, prepare and publish specific or general notices or calls/request for expression of interest
    • To Work with SPIV to prepare tender documents including bid document preparation,
    • Participate in the evaluation process of the technical and financial proposals, coordinate publication of the outcome of the tendering process.
    • Participate in the negotiation process and produce related minutes for the meetings when required to do so; and to prepare draft contracts immediately after contract negotiations.
    • To ensure quality management of the procurement processes by ensuring that all steps are properly undertaken, and procurement files are maintained in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations UR development partners’ requirements;
    • Track projects’ procurements by ensuring that the project’s procurement is delivered within agreed schedule and as per agreed specification, within scope and within budget
    • Identify all related issues and resolve them on time in consultation with the relevant office or authority; including advice and recommendation in case of any settlement of disputes which could occur during the contract implementation/ execution.
    • In collaboration with the UR SPIV and other concerned parties, ensure timely reception of the goods/ works/services as per relevant signed contracts and existing laws, regulations of GoR and concerned development partner;

    • To report, and archiving program procurement materials

    • To develop and regularly update of a database of qualified suppliers/service providers with brief notes on each signed contract, their timelines and the performance of suppliers;
    • Ensure comprehensive filing system for all the project procurements;
    • Producing performance and management report required on procurement activities, funds involved and producing procurement value for money and timelines analyses

    • Perform any other related tasks as may be assigned by the immediate supervisor.

    Required Qualification and Skills

    • Master’s Degree in Procurement or Master’s in Management with specialization in Procurement and Logistics with 5 years’ working experience;
    • Experience in procurement for the donor-funded projects;
    • Experience in public procurement policies, procedures and practices in Rwanda;
    • Being registered with the Association of Procurement Professionals will be an advantage;
    • Have a very high level of integrity, zero tolerance to corruption and be disciplined;
    • Solid organizational skills, including attention to detail, multi-tasking and time-management;
    • Strong analytical skills and ability learn and to deal with complex issues in a clear and practical manner;
    • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.


    Number of Positions: 1

    Main Duties and Responsibilities

    As a member of the Program Coordination Office, the data manager assists the
    program coordinator and other PCO member in monitoring of the program
    implementation and collection of required data for program results reporting and
    impact as per the RBM

    The following tasks are expected to be completed:

    • Lead on designing, developing and implementing M&E systems, including development of M&E plans, data in reports as requested and required;
    • Produce analytical summaries: graphs, charts, tables, narratives as requested, to fulfill internal and external reporting requirements;
    • Ensure all relevant programme staff are able to utilise the database to analyse program information and results. Develop the necessary tools for the team leaders to feed in data in the data base in a way that minimize entry errors;
    • Review data being collected in order to locate and fix problems with data entry or integrity: Document database contents, protocols and update manuals for smooth functioning of the data management system;
    • Manage regular synchronizations with field level data;
    • Manage project database to facilitate timely information updates, data quality assurance, sharing of information and learning, and data use for decision-making;
    • frameworks, processes and data collection tools (including baseline) for all the initiatives and projects in the UR Sweden Program reviews of programmes/lessons learnt sessions and necessary changes to existing and future programme
    • Lead regular implementing initiatives;
    • Build capacity of staff in project monitoring and data collection against set indicators, and use of such information in development of project reports;
    • Undertake regular field visits to provide support for proper application of M&E frameworks and tools;
    • Assist the program coordinator in coordinating assessment and evaluations of programmes;
    • Perform such other related duties as may be assigned by the Program Coordinator

    Required Qualification and Skills

    • A Bachelor’s Degree in statistics or management or related areas with and 3 years minimum experience in data management years.
    • Experience in monitoring and data management for the donor-funded projects
    • Understanding and knowledge in results-based management or outcome mapping will be an advantage;
    • Excellent computers skills including the ability of developing and maintaining database and mastery of advanced of Microsoft Excel and statistical packages
    • Other skills: Ability to learn quickly, ability to work in a teamwork, analytical skills and attentions to details, planning and budgeting skills. Able to work independently with minimal supervision;
    • Excellent oral and written communication in English

    4. DRIVERS

    Number of Positions: 1

    Main Duties and Responsibilities

    As a member of the Program Coordination Office, the driver assists the program administration and logistics manager in delivering and support transport & logistics services to the program members. The driver is responsible for ensuring the program vehicles are in good condition to support the program objectives.

    The following tasks are expected to be completed:

    • To provide transportation for program staff to their different assignment which need transport facilities
    • To distribute outgoing mails
    • To provide transportation for PhD students when they are on fieldwork depending on the program vehicle allocation schedule
    • To facilitate airport pick-ups for VIP visitors and transportation during official visits
    • To ensure sound running of the vehicle assigned and to determine when and what kind of maintenance the vehicle needs, keep track of general maintenance schedules.
    • To ensure the project vehicles cleanness both inside and outside
    • To Maintain logbook of each project vehicle
    • Perform such other related duties as may be assigned by the Program Coordinator

    Required Qualification and Skills

    • Driving License B, C, 0
    • A Secondary School Certificate In any field and 10 years minimum experience
    • 10 years driving experience in known institution
    • Some computer skills for simple task
    • Other skills: Ability to learn quickly, ability to work in a teamwork, Able to work independently with minimal supervision;
    • Communication in English or French


    Interested and qualified candidates should submit their applications online to the infospiu@ur.ac.rw and with a copy to urspiucoor@gmail.com and raymond.ndikumana@gmail.com . The title of the position should be clearly indicated and application file must be a single PDF file and should contain the following documents:

    1. Application letter in English addressed to UR-SPIU Coordinator
    2. A detailed Curriculum Vital
    3. A copy of academic degree and academic transcript
    4. A copy of proof of previous relevant experience
    5. A copy of ID or passport

    The deadline for submission of application is 11th October, 2019. Only shortlisted candidates will be required to sit for written test.


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