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    Employer: Muhabura Multichoice Company Ltd
    Posted: 11 October 2019
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    Muhabura Multichoice Company Ltd (MMC ltd) is a business oriented company with a mandate, among others, to expand, maintain and enhance the efficiency of production activities that were formerly implemented by RCS.

    It was officially registered as a Government Company on 10th September 2014 by RDB. The multidisciplinary company focuses on agriculture, soap making, wood design, construction and other activities.

    Therefore, the company wishes to recruit qualified staff for the following positions:


    Key responsibilities

    • To provide all necessary information that can be built on MMC Ltd reporting system to monitor and evaluate all running projects;
    • To manage the overall technology company’s infrastructure including implementation and management of the software applications and hardware infrastructure that support operations;
    • To ensure systems administration including the general computer support;
    • To upgrade and update of operating systems and user applications;
    • Software installations;
    • License management;
    • Server set up and management;
    • Network and printer support;
    • Deployment of equipment;
    • To setup and support audio/visual equipment for presentations and trainings on and off site;
    • To update and maintain the ICT equipment inventory;
    • To perform needs assessment for new applications and modifications to existing ones;
    • To inform and train project staff in how to adhere to security ICT policies and train new and current employees on computer software and ICT systems;
    • To assist with preparation of operating budgets based on estimated and actual expenditures for ICT systems and support needs;
    • To perform any other task as may be assigned by his supervisor.


    • The required IT technician must have a bachelor’s degree within Information Technologies with minimum 4 years of working experience in IT or any other relevant field.
    • Availability to start working early.
    • Ability to communicate (speaking and writing) in English or French.


    Key responsibilities

    • Coordinate and assure the preparation of the necessary preliminary and detailed
    • engineering and design studies;
    • Conduct, in close coordination with MMC Ltd tender committee the final appraisal of the technical, financial, feasibility of the proposed investments;
    • Prepare the project documentation required for any project investment
    • Assist the Procurement Officer in the preparation of the necessary’ procurement documents;
    • Assist the Procurement Officer in the evaluation of bids and the preparation and signing of contracts for works and/or supply of goods;
    • Carry out site supervision of implementation of investment projects and ensure the adequate management of contracts for works and/or supply of goods;
    • Prepare periodic implementation progress reports to MMC Ltd management


    • The required Civil Engineer must have a bachelor’s degree within Civil engineering with the minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience in infrastructure project preparation and management, civil works including detailed design and supervision.
    • Ability to communicate (speaking and writing) in English or French.
    • Immediate availability to start job


    Key responsibilities

    • Conduct timely implementation of risk based internal audits as directed by the auditing firm complying with annual audit plan;
    • Assist on various audit projects and matters and ensure to have initial focus on revenue assurance;
    • Conduct risk evaluation of assigned functional area or department in established timeframe;
    • Implement internal audit tasks in areas of risk management and internal control;
    • Perform all assigned audit assignment at financial, operational and administrative processes and systems;
    • Evaluate internal audit suitability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and internal controls effectiveness;
    • Identify level of conformity with established rules, regulations, policies and procedures
    • Examine validity and reliability of financial, accounting and other data and report any deviations;
    • Participate in audit engagement planning, reporting, scoping, execution and follow up as defined;
    • Study and learn company policy and procedures;
    • Evaluate comprehensive business processes and transactions to analyze productiveness of controls and risk alleviation;
    • Identify internal audit control environment enhancement opportunities;
    • Conduct testing adhering with accreditation and varied regulatory requirements;
    • Support development of internal audit programs for operational audits and special reviews etc.


    • The Internal Auditor must have a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or finance;
    • Having the minimum of 2 years of working experience in auditing or related. field;
    • Ability to communicate (speaking and writing) in English or French;
    • Immediate availability to start job.

    Interested candidates for the above mentioned positions shall write their application letter to the General Manager of MMC Ltd and submit it together with the CY the copy of degree (not notified), the copy of identity card, the proof of experience from previous employers not later than 17/10/2019 at 05 :00pm to MMC Ltd Head office located at Kimironko, Triumph House building.

    For any enquiries, please contact 0787356986 or email at:muhaburamultichoice@yahoo.com

    Done at Kigali the 10/10/2019.


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