• Request for Proposals - Shipment of EDC files

    Employer: Education Development Center - EDC
    Posted: 26 November 2017
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    REQUEST FOR Proposals #005/17

    November 24th, 2017

    1. Background

    Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) is an international nonprofit organization that develops, delivers, and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges. Our work includes research, training, educational materials and strategy, with activities ranging from seed projects to large-scale initiatives. EDC enjoys a worldwide reputation for its excellence in program and fiscal management and for the impact of its work. EDC implemented a youth workforce and livelihoods readiness project in Rwanda entitled Akazi Kanoze: Youth Livelihoods Project (Akazi Kanoze – AK2).

    EDC’s worked on the Akazi Kanoze 2 project that ended on October 31st, 2017. The project activities were funded by The MasterCard Foundation (MCF); organizations submitting proposals in response to this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) have no relationship with MCF under the terms of this RFP or any resultant contract. All communications regarding this RFP must be directed to EDC.

    2. Purpose

    The purpose of this RFP is to invite local prospective offerors to submit a proposal for the shipping of EDC files to its headquarters in the US. Each proposal should include a quote for air shipment and a quote for ground shipment, if possible.

    Item Quantity
    Medium size boxes of paper documents 80

    The selected vendor(s) must ship the items to Education Development Center, Inc. 43 Foundry Avenue Waltham, MA 02453-8313, USA.

    The vendor must be able to initiate the shipment of the files/documents within 5 days of written notification from EDC on the contract award.

    3. Deadline date and Submission

    Please send your proposals to ryp@edc.org by November 29, 2017 at 5PM Local time.

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