• Consultancy services for the development of an integrated website for the Chamber of Tourism and its member associations

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    Posted: 24 May 2019
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    Title of Assignment: Consultancy services for the development of an integrated website for the Chamber of Tourism and its member associations

    I. General Context

    The Rwanda Chamber of Tourism is one of the 10 professional chambers that currently exist under the umbrella of the Private Sector Federation (PSF), which is dedicated to promoting and representing the interests of the Rwandan business community.

    It was established in December 1999, replacing the former Rwanda Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Following the establishment of the PSF, the Rwanda Chamber of Tourism was established in 2006, with a mandate of enhancing business opportunities through effective lobbying and advocacy for the tourism and hospitality industry in Rwanda.

    The Chamber of Tourism now boasts major players in the industry in five associations: i) Rwanda Hospitality Association (RHA), ii) Rwanda Tours and Travel Association (RTTA), iii) Rwanda Safari Guides Association (RSGA), iv) Rwanda Hospitality and Tourism Educators Association (RHTEA), v) Rwanda Association of Travel Agencies (RATA).

    II. Purpose and Rationale
    1. Description of the assignment

    Rwanda’s vision 2020, a development blueprint, identified the tourism sector as a major contributor to the eradication of poverty in the country. Developed through an all-inclusive participatory framework, it has been a yardstick for measuring the development and growth of the Rwandan economy. To promote the tourism industry, the government of Rwanda initiated critical efforts to restructure tourism development, fast-tracking tourism investments, growth, and development by attracting investors, devising pro-active policies and a regulatory framework and instituting a private-public partnership to ensure the sustainability
of the growth and development of this industry.

    As the Private sector development continues to play a catalytic role in the development of the country’s tourism industry, the Chamber of Tourism and its member associations, developed a Five Year Strategic Plan 2018-2022 to serve as a roadmap towards achieving the key target of growing the tourism sector of Rwanda through its extensive and diverse supply chain which has an immense capacity to drive the socio-economic growth of Rwanda.

    The Strategic Plan of the Chamber outlines priorities and an implementation plan which includes (but is not limited to) objectives and strategies such as Resource Mobilization, Research and Information Management, and Effective Service Delivery. In order to achieve the set goals, the Chamber of Tourism seeks to develop an integrated website for itself and its member associations in order to increase its visibility. The website shall target potential national and international visitors such as members (also potential members) of the associations and chamber. It also has to be linked to the webpage of the Destination Management Unit (DMU).

    The webpage of the Chamber of Tourism should be interlinked to the ones of the associations, the DMU and vice versa. Besides, in order to have a holistic appearance, the different webpages shall have a similar design that reflects their connection with each other. In this matter is to be mentioned that two of the associations (RTTA: https://rtta.rw/, RHA: https://rha.rw and the DMU (DMU: https://kivubelt.travel/ ) already have a webpage,– these ones have to be upgraded and aligned with the one of the chamber.

    Strategic Objectives

    The assignment has been designed based on the following strategic goal:

    The overall objective of the assignment is to promote the Chamber of Tourism, its member associations, and the DMU in a holistic way to international and national travelers such as their members through interlinked webpages.

    3. Expected Results

    The assignment will yield the following outcomes:

    A professional webpage for the Chamber of Tourism
    Professional webpages for the following associations: RSGA, RHTEA, RATA
    Upgraded webpages for RHA and RTTA.
    An alignment/interlinkage of all the above-mentioned webpages with each other (plus the DMU webpage).
    The Chamber of Tourism and its member association need professional websites to 1) promote Rwanda as a tourism destination nationally and internationally and 2) serve as an exchange platform for its members. The websites should give potential visitors and members all necessary information at a glance, through images and succinct descriptions (see an example from Capetown Tourism https://members.capetown.travel/. The webpage serves for both tourists and members). The webpages should clearly highlight the uniqueness of Rwanda as a tourism destination in East Africa. It will serve as a platform to detail all services and activities existing in the country and give news and updates to the members.

    The contractor is required to create (design, develop, test and implement) web platforms within the given timeline. The consultant shall closely work with the Chamber of Tourism and its member organizations to get guidance and recommendations.

    The websites are supposed to:

    • Have an interactive, appealing, highly usable and responsive web design
    • Have a short average site load-time
    • Allow administrators to be able to review the website and visit statistics
    • Be mobile device friendly (tablets and smartphones)
    • Contain a content management system to allow one to easily update the content on the website.
    • Whichever framework is used; it should be capable of handling online payments (at a later stage the webpage must be capable of integrating an e-booking portal!)
    • Have links to social media
    • Have up to 10 horizontally displays subpages.
    • Have any other requirement agreed on by all parties in the project plan

    The consultant should:

    • Develop hosting requirements for the sites. These will include content to do with data backup, security, etc.
    • Interlink the webpages with each other.
    • Perform all the necessary activities related to the deployment of the websites.
    • Perform Search Engine Optimisation activities of the websites.
    • Offer a warranty for a period of 2 years for the systems.
    • Insert all content provided by the Chamber of Tourism and its member associations.
    • Offer implementation support for a period of 6 months.
    • Train users and the web administrator.
    • Provide documentation for the sites that shall include the functional specifications, system documentation, user manual, administrator manual, test reports, etc.
    • Provide source codes.
    • The contractor shall recommend other pages and features that will optimize the end user experience.

    4. Tasks and Suggested Timeframe

    i. Once the consultant has been officially awarded the tender, he/she agrees:

    • to be supervised by the Chamber of Tourism and Associations during the course of the assignment;
    • to provide regular progress reports (verbally or written) to the Chamber of Tourism and Associations with regards to the assignment;

    ii. The expected tasks are:

    Step 1: The consultant is expected to meet the Chamber of Tourism and its member associations to understand the needs for the websites, so as to develop a suitable solution. Main outcome: Agreed project plan (signed off by all parties). To happen in the first week of the assignment.

    Step 2: A functional specifications document to the Chamber of Tourism & Associations will be one of the deliverables. The specification report will highlight the websites’ structure, details, functionalities and design to meet the identified needs of the Chamber of Tourism and its member associations. The specifications shall also cover the capabilities necessary at the Chamber of Tourism to handle the sites in terms of human resources. In addition, the specifications propose a hosting concept for one year including security, backup and availability measures to avoid data compromises. Presentation of screen mock-ups for three different website designs.

    Sign off of the design and functional specifications by Chamber of Tourism. To happen in the second week of the assignment.

    Step 3: Website development for the Chamber of Tourism, RSGA, RHTEA and RATA and deployment according to functional specification and design approved by Chamber of Tourism and its member associations. Uploading the website content, provided by Chamber of Tourism and the associations. Training of Users and the Web Administrator. Validation and testing of the website by Chamber of Tourism & its member associations.

    Step 4: Upgrading of websites from RHA and RTTA.

    Step 5: Interlinking the webpage of the Chamber of Tourism with the ones of RHA, RTTA, RSGA, RHTEA, RATA, and the DMU.

    Step 6: Maintenance and support for the website until the end of December 2019. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for helpdesk services and maintenance support for the website (up to 10 hours per month).

    Note: In case of failure to perform in line with the assignment guidelines, tasks and objectives, the Chamber of Tourism reserves the right to formally terminate the contract while the assignment is ongoing;

    5. Reporting and cooperation

    The consulting firm/consultant will report to the Chamber of Tourism and Associations’ secretariat.

    6. Scope and Coverage

    The assignment will be conducted in Kigali because frequent meetings with the Chamber of Tourism and the associations are required. No traveling is required.

    7. Deliverables and timelines

    • 1) Project Plan agreed by all parties (in the first week after signing the contract).
    • 2) The websites’ functional specifications, hosting concept, back-up concept (indicating frequency of back-ups, type of back-ups, backup schedule, etc.), content management system (CMS) and design screen mock-ups in a document (in the first and second week of the assignment).
    • 3) A website for 1) the Chamber of Tourism, 2) RSGA, 3) RHTEA and 4) RATA.
    • 4) Upgraded websites for 1) RHA and 2) RTTA
    • 5) Interlinkage between all the above-mentioned websites plus the one of the DMU.
    • 6) A training (half a day) plus training documents for users and the web administrator within the Chamber of Tourism and the associations.
    • The website files and source codes. SSL certificate installed. Search engine optimization (SEO). Training of the system users, and training material. Hosting the website for a period of one year. (in the third and fourth week of the assignment).
    • 7) SLAs - implementation support (up to 10 hours a month until the end of December 2019).

    8. Duration

    The assignment is expected to start End7 June

    9. Required Expertise

    Interested bidders are required to clearly indicate the person who will be leading this assignment, hereby known as the Lead Consultant and also detail the specific tasks of the other members that they so wish to involve in this assessment. The lead Consultant will have the following key competencies:

    For the assignment, the following characteristics and competencies are essential:

    The Consultant or company should have strong experience (at least 5 years), and provide a corresponding portfolio containing examples of his/her achievements.

    He/she should show fluency in current trends in website design, functionality, and interactivity. Proven experience in successful web design for organizations aiming to showcase multimedia programming. Ability to creatively communicate the work of the Chamber of Tourism, the associations, and the DMU in both the design and presentation of the website. Show an understanding of End Users needs and ability to match with technical solutions.

    More in details:

    • A Bachelor’s degree in Web Design, Computer Science, Communications or other related fields from a recognized university;
    • Understanding and high experience of the hospitality and tourism sector, preferably already experience in projects within the tourism sector
    • Experience in working with PSF and/or its Chambers, preferably the Chamber of Tourism and its associations
    • Experience and understanding in similar assignment in the EastAfrican Tourism Industry
    • Demonstrated knowledge and at least 4-5 years of previous experience in the execution of similar assignment for organizations in the private and public sector such as Government agencies, Ministries, Business Member Organizations, NGOs.
    • The firm/consultant must have the requisite technical and professional expertise reflected in the qualifications and experience of the personnel who would be dedicated to the assignment.

    Note: CVs and degree certificates of the above-mentioned staff are mandatory.

    10. Documents to be included when submitting the proposals:

    Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications:

    • Technical Proposal: explaining why the consultant is the most suitable for the work;
    • Financial proposal;
    • Degrees and CVs including past experience in similar projects
    • The consultant’s proposal should include the payment modalities; however, no advance payment will be accepted prior to the commencement of the work.

    The method of selection is Quality Cost Based Selection (QCBS).

    11. Mandatory requirements

    • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate from RRA
    • Certificate of Registration/incorporation from RDB for firms

    12. Technical Evaluation

    • CV of each consultant fully signed by both parties i.e. firm representative and the consultant
    • Specific experience of the firm/consultant related to the assignments. Provide details of at least three similar assignments – attach any evidence like letters of engagement, etc.
    • Adequacy of methodology (20 points) and work plan (20 points in response to the terms of reference).

    13. Financial proposal detailing:

    • Itemized consultant’s fees;
    • Itemized administration expenses;
    • The validity period of the quotation;
    • Expected payment plan and method;

    P.S: Any proposal that fails to achieve the expectations of the Chamber of Tourism shall be rejected.

    14. Contact

    In case of questions regarding the assignment, please contact Yves Shirimpumu <yves.s@rwandatourismchamber.org> .Please note that for a fair tender process, we only point to publicly available information

    15. Timeline

    Please hand in your complete offer by 7th June 2019 at 10 am and the Public opening is at 10:30 am the same day. All offers arriving delayed cannot be considered.

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