• Consultancy - Video Producer for Rwandan Sign Language learning materials

    Employer: Media For Deaf Rwanda
    Posted: 24 November 2018
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    Organization: MEDIA FOR DEAF RWANDA

    Project: Boosting the early learning accessibility for Deaf children through ECD program

    Contract Type: Consultancy
    Type of consultancy: National
    Title of Consultancy: Video Producer for Rwandan Sign Language learning materials.

    1. Organizational Background

    Media for Deaf Rwanda is a registered local non- Governmental Organisation based in Kigali. It was established in 2014 and was officially registered by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) under No 150/RGB/NGO/2017. Media for Deaf Rwanda strives to eradicate media exclusion that Deaf people face. We propose to bridge that information gap by incorporating the Rwandan Sign language in the content of local TV stations; and using media campaigns to raise awareness on the importance of Sign language.

    2. Scope of the assignment

    The Government of Rwanda adopted the first ECD program in September 2011setting pace for an organized approach to the development of young children. It has the mission of establishing and implementing interventions which support effective early childhood development for children from conception to 6 years. Its overall objective is to ensure quality and equal access to ECD services by all intended beneficiaries in a clear, coordinated and sustainable manner.

    Currently, ECD centers are playing a pivotal role in addressing the well-being and growth of children across the country. Unfortunately, Deaf children cannot access these facility due to the lack of trained caregivers and materials to support them. Henceforth, without a language and without access to ECD programs, deaf children run the risk of experiencing drawbacks in terms of their overall wellbeing, cognitive and psycho-social development. Consequently, they lead lives of marginalization and disenfranchisement and denied full and equal participation in all aspects of life, including human rights such as freedom of expression and access to information.

    This project will be consisted of 14 video tutorials teaching the basic of Rwandan Sign Language to children aged 3 to 6 years old. The lessons will mostly focus on the common things that almost children experience in their lives. It will, first of all, teach them the names of the items constituting their surrounding environment, Community and/or society in general. Secondly, the tutorial will provide them with the assistance in signing the Alphabets and basic numeric.

    The materials will help the ECD trained Caregivers to facilitate the young Deaf children with their primary language [RSL] as other children are facilitated to improve language knowledge and speaking as well as social integration.

    These video tutorials will also be beneficial for the parents of Deaf children since they are the first persons with whom those children will have to chat most of time. It will provide them with the knowledge of the basics of their children’s first language.
    Objective of the consultancy

    The purpose of this Request for Expression of Interest is to solicit the services of an audiovisual producer (consultant) to produce HD videos and photographs about the above mentioned project.

    3. Methodology

    Consultant selected for this assignment will perform the following indicative tasks:
     Actively participate in the concept and scenario development;
     Present a work plan for the assigned work;
     Work on the desired products for this consultancy, including high resolution photographs and videos.

    4. Deliverables/Expected outputs

    The consultant will produce a database with 14 high resolution Rwandan Sign language video tutorials and at least 150 photographs.
     Videos in HD
     Script development;
     Video shooting and editing;
     Translation and subtitles in Kinyarwanda;
     Full usage rights for background music (or music for which copyright has been granted);
     14 Fully-produced clips of approximately 7 minutes in length in 1080p (HD) resolution (each) with double or triple angles aimed at facilitating the ECD centers’ caregivers, young Deaf children, their parents, as well as all people interested in learning the Rwandan Sign Language.
     The videos must be shot on green screen for customizable background.
     The videos will be consisted of camera RAW footages, computer generated vector based graphics as well as slow and low background instrumental music.
     High resolution photographs:
     At least 150 high quality and high resolution photographs.
     Photographs must be provided timely after shooting for M4D social media purposes.
     Report;

    At the end of the assignment, the consultant will have to provide a detailed report on all photography and filming process, including names and details of all individuals photographed or that will appear on video tutorials.

    5. Timing and location

     This consultancy will entail up to 6 months, January to June 2019.
     The center of activities is in Kigali city, at M4D general Headquarters, with possible travels to selected ECD centers in Gicumbi, Rwamagana and Nyamagabe districts.

    6. Logistical support

     M4D will provide logistical support including:
     Contacting and arranging the venues/appointments with people to be used in video tutorials.
     Transportation and introduction to the field.
     Sign Language interpretation
     The consultant will be responsible for:
     Choosing the suitable shooting environment,
     All video production equipment

    7. Eligibility/Qualification of Consultant

    The consultant should have:
     Full professional video production and photography equipment,
     Outstanding video production and photography skills;
     Excellent photo and video editing skills (Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro and/or Final Cut Pro knowledge required)
     Excellent graphics design skills (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After effect knowledge required);
     Proven experience in producing international quality documentaries;
     Proven ability to work in multicultural environment;
     Ability to adhere to deadlines and flexibility;
     Full availability during the consultancy period;  Good command of English and Kinyarwanda and capability to subtitle from one language to another;
     Sign language skills.

    8. General Terms and Conditions

    M4D Rwanda reserves the right:
     To reject any and/or all Expressions of Interest not fulfilling requirements associated with this request.
     To do not bind itself to accept the lowest priced tender;
     To accept the whole, or part only, of any EOI;
     To republish this Request for EOIs;

    9. Marking criteria

    Consultant’s qualifications40
    Financial bid20

    10. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

    In consideration of the fees paid, the Consultant expressly assigns to M4D any copyright arising from the works the consultant produces while executing this contract. The consultant may not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such works without prior consent from the M4D.

    11. Applications

    All applicants must meet the minimum requirements described above. Each application should include the following:
     Expression of Interest with the applicant’s current contact information including how the candidate’s previous experience matches the consultancy objectives (no longer than one page);
     Financial proposal;
     CV of consultant (Team Leader) including at least 2 professional references;
     Signed CVs of the Team that will be exposed to this assignment
     Samples of recent similar assignments: online portfolios and links to video work/documentaries and stock images.

    Applications not including all of the above information will not be reviewed. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

    Interested parties must submit, their applications no later than 21st December 2018, 10:30 am at media for Deaf Rwanda office in Gasabo district, Remera sector KG 11 Ave 30 at the Anglican Church headquarter, opposite Remera Metropolitan Police. The bid shall be presented in sealed envelopes with “Video Producer for Rwandan Sign Language learning materials” as the subject line at. The bid opening will start at 11:00.


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