• Unity & Reconciliation Researcher & Monitoring Specialist

    Posted: 15 January 2018
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    Job Description

    - Coordinate research activities and measurement of their impact on NURC’s mandate;

    - Organize the identification of research themes related to Unity & Reconciliation;

    - Overall research works and coordinate the dissemination of findings;

    - Identify research themes related to unity and reconciliation, prevention and management of conflicts, etc.

    - Prepare terms of reference for researches to be conducted;

    - Supervise research works and coordinate the dissemination of findings;

    - Organize mobilization of partner’s support on ongoing research works;

    - Coordinate the measurement of the impact of research on improvement of Unity & Reconciliation;

    - Prepare summary of research findings and their dissemination;

    - Conduct qualitative and quantitative opinion surveys on the process of unity and reconciliation and other
    critical issues which the Commission should address;

    - Build partnerships with governance and conflict management research centres;

    - Propose strategies for impact evaluation of the Unity & Reconciation policy & program;

    - Collect and analyse data related to Unity & Reconciation, propose improvements and harmonization of the process.

    Job Profile

    Master’s Degree in Conflict resolution & Management, Political Sciences, Sociology, History, Psychology, Philosophy with 1 year of working experience or A0 in Political Sciences, Sociology, History, Psychology, Philosophy with 3 years of working experience

    Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

    - Knowledge of Rwandan History;

    - Documenting Skills,

    - Coordination, Planning & Organizational Skills;

    - High analytical & Complex Problem Solving Skills;

    - Research Skills;

    - Computer Skills;

    - Communication Skills;

    - Judgment & Decission Making Skills;

    - Time management Skills;

    - Team working Skills; Atleast one of the 3 specialists with skills of law & investigation
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