• Talent & Skills Development Officer

    Employer: Ministry of Youth
    Posted: 15 January 2018
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    Job Description

    The Talent & Skills Development Officer is responsible of:

    A. Develop policies, strategies and programmes for skills and talents development:
    1. Participate in designing skills development programmes and strategies to support talent growth;
    2. Assess the needs of young people, plan and monitor the programmes and strategies related to talent development;
    3. Support the Government in the design and implementation of national action plans for youth skills and talents development;
    4. Set up mechanisms to nurture talents and increase opportunities for young people;
    5. Develop strategies for awareness on Intellectual Property rights;
    6. Set up mechanisms to ensure coaching and mentorship and commercialization of products;
    7. Develop and strengthen strategic partnership locally and globally for talent promotion.

    B. Regularly monitor and evaluate youth talents programme:
    1. Conduct, monitoring and evaluation of national youth skills and talent strategies, programmes and other related initiatives;
    2. Constitute and update regularly the database of partners and beneficiaries;
    3. Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of talent development programmes/initiatives;
    4. Prepare the required reports of activities to be shared with the supervisor;
    5. Prepare analytical reports on selected subjects within the areas of interest;
    6. Carry out any other assignment as requested by the supervisor.

    Job Profile

    A0 in Arts and Cultural Development, Talent Development / Management, Development studies, ICT, Educational Development.

    Key technical skills and knowledge:
    • Knowledge of arts and creativity industry;
    • Skills and Talent Development
    • Career Development;
    • Leadership and management skills;
    • Entrepreneurship and Job Creation Knowledge;
    • Knowledge of results based management, logical framework approach;
    • strategic planning processes and tools;
    • Organisational skills;
    • Communication skills;
    • knowledge in monitoring and evaluation systems;
    • Computer skills;
    • Time management skills;
    • Team working skills;
    • Judgement and decision making skills;
    • Complex problem solving;
    • High analytical skills; Project Design& Management;
    • Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and / French, knowledge of both is an advantage.

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