Employer: National Commission of Science and Technology (NCST)
    Posted: 3 April 2018
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    Job Description

    Job Description (Key Responsibilities)
    Partnerships planning and coordination:
    -  Expand and maintain NCST’s network of partners and collaborators to advance the institution’s mission
    -  Prepare partnership proposals and agreements with NCST’s partners in Rwanda and abroad
    -  Coordinate NCST’s fundraising efforts for research and innovation
    -  Serve as a point of contact between various partners and the Council as needed
    -  Work on other duties assigned by the NCST Executive Secretary
    -  Report to Head of department
    Required experience:
    -  Knowledge in R&D economics and strategic planning,
    -  Experience in conducting Research in Science, Technology and Innovation
    -  Knowledge of global Science and Technology Innovation Ecosystems
    -  Skills to design strategic briefs and foresights concept notes for stakeholders’ decision making support
    -  Proficiency in use of Information Technology (IT) tools.

    Job Profile

    Bachelor’s Degree in the following with 4 years of working experience: Technology business administration and Management, Industrial Management, Industrial Economics, System Engineering, Geo
    - Econometrics, Biostatistics, Business Process Engineering; or a Master’s Degree in the same fields with 1 year of working experience.
    Key technical skills and knowledge required:

    - Knowledge in opportunity mapping using both standard and web search methodology.

    - Proficiency in using social media platforms and networking.

    - Strong analytical and leadership skills.

    - Sound communication skills.

    - Proficiency in both written and spoken English is required.

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