• Regulation Specialist - NCST

    Employer: National Commission of Science and Technology (NCST)
    Posted: 22 November 2017
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    Job: Regulation Specialist
    Level: 3.II
    Reports To: Head of Department, Science and Technology, Innovation and Research (STIR) Prompt
    No. of Positions: 1
    Deadline: 27/Nov/2017

    Job Description

    Analysis of Science, Technology, Research and Innovation laws and regulations:

    Ensure that national science, research and innovation programs are implemented based on sound regulations;
    Conduct a regular mapping of national science, research and innovation programs to ensure that they are implemented based on sound and clear regulation;
    Report to the head of the department of national science, research and innovation program development
    Provision of policy recommendations on laws and regulations governing Science,

    Technology, Research and Innovation:

    Design strategies and propose appropriate measures to improve the Regulation of National Science, Research and Innovation Programs in various priority sectors
    In close consultations with relevant stakeholders, put in place a Science, Research and Innovation regulatory framework and follow up on its implementation
    Work on other duties as may be assigned by the NCST’s Executive Secretary.

    Required experience:

    Conducting operational research in Science, Technology and Innovation
    Strong knowledge of Science, Technology, Innovation and R&D Economics and Strategic Planning
    Advanced knowledge of global Science and Technology Innovation Ecosystems
    Proven skills to design strategic briefs and foresights concepts notes for stakeholders’ decision making support
    Proficient knowledge in using information technology tools such as data processing and knowledge management tools as well as Microsoft office suite

    Job Profile

    Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Applied Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering, Pharmacy, Environmental Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Oils and Gas Technologies, Biotechnology, Biology, Industrial Economics, Geo - Economics, Environment Economics, Agro - Processing, Computing and Information Theory, Applied Mathematics, Econometrics, Biostatistics, Operational Research with 4 years of working experience; or a Master’s Degree in relevant fields with 1 years of working experience.

    Key technical skills and knowledge required:

    Knowledge in Science, Technology and R&D Regulation;
    Knowledge in ISO Certification System;
    Strong analytical and leadership skills;
    Sound communication skills;
    Proficiency in both written and spoken English is required



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