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    Employer: THT - Troupe de Personnes Handicapées Twuzuzanye Rwanda
    Oeuvrant au Rwanda depuis 2004 en collaboration avec les autorités pour la promotion des droits des personnes Handicapées, l’organisation THT met en œuvre un projet « Développement local inclusive/Réadaptation à base communautaire (DLI/RBC ) »en collaboration avec Fédération Handicap International et sous le financement de... See more
    Posted: 24 April 2019
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    THT is looking for Individual consultant or company for conducting a base line survey on SRHR services in 6 District.

    Location of the activity District (Kicukiro,Nyarugenge,Kayonza,Rutsiro,Musanze and ngororero).
    Type of activity Base line survey and analyzing different barriers faced by PWDs
    Project name Advocating for Inclusive sexual and Reproductive Health services for Persons with disabilities in Rwanda
    Date of the activity23/04/2019
    Closing date of application 30/04/2019
    Funding AmplifyChange Grant Agreement – ZT8T-SRUQ-QS

    1. Background of THT

    The Troupe des Personnes Handicapées TWUZUZANYE (THT) is an organization of persons with Impairments created in 2004 with an idea of doing advocacy through drama, theatres and traditional dances. It is made of all types of impairments and currently, THT has 86 members with 49 female and 37 male. THT is a Non-Government Organization, legally registered for the first time in 2009 and the registration has been renewed in 2012 n029/11 to complete the new law number 04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing NGOs in RWANDA THT is one of the 8 organizations that have come together to create the umbrella organization (UPHLS).

    Despite a number of laws and policies designed to protect the rights of persons with disabilities there are still many cultural and practical barriers which prevent persons with disabilities from being fully included and integrated in society. This means many persons with disabilities are still failing to access their rights: persons with disabilities are less likely to attend school, less likely to be literate, less likely to be working and more likely to be poor compared to the general population of Rwanda.

    The key issues for people with disabilities in Rwanda were identified by THT members as a lack of education, Accessing SRH Services, low employment, poverty and ill-health. This is reflected by the evidence in the most recent Fourth Rwanda Population and Housing Census (2012). A failure to access quality education impacts on literacy rates, 50% of persons with disability are illiterate compared to 28% of persons without disability. This results in a much lower number of people engaged in economic activity (formal or informal): 56% of persons with disabilities are engaged in economic activity, compared to 75% of the population without a disability. The majority of persons with disability in work are in “on-farm” un-waged work. Persons with disabilities are identified in the new Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) as “those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments which, in interaction with various barriers, may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others”. Although the CRPD states that persons with (PWD) have the right to experience parenthood, to marry and found a family, todecide on the number and spacing of children and have the means to exercise this right, access to sexual and reproductive health (SRH) care, for persons with disabilities, has remained unacceptably low in many developing countries including Rwanda. PWD still face discrimination, and exclusion from health services on account of disability, this year THT has received a 1 Year grant from AmplifyChange to support building up on our project dubbed; advocating for inclusive sexual and reproductive health services for persons with disabilities in Rwanda.

    2. Baseline purpose and scope

    THT is seeking to hire a consultant to carry out a baseline survey on “Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights project” Amplifychange funded project focusing on increasing awareness for positive change in attitudes and access to social services for persons with disabilities in Kicukiro,Nyarugenge,Kayonza,Rutsiro,Musanze and ngororero districts. The baseline will provide qualitative data information to be used by multiplestakeholders and to set up benchmark for performance indicators. The consultant will support in testing project assumptions and improve them after baseline survey.

    3. The objectives of baseline survey

    The baseline survey is aiming at assessing the project situation at the beginning and analyzing the link between Disabilities and SRH in Six district of Rwanda.
    By focusing more on health especially Sexual Reproductive Health Services for persons with disability the survey will answer different questionnaires Related to:
    -  The availability of SRH Services friendly to different types of disability
    -  The level of inclusion and accessibility for the existing health careservices in 18sectors
    -  The level of community and family of people with disability to promote SRH and disability right
    -  The capacity of people with disability to engage in inclusion activity which promoting sexual reproductive health

    4. Baseline approach and methods

    The consultant will be requested to develop a comprehensive methodology (including detailed Methods, techniques of data collection, analysis, and sampling framework) and data collection tools. The consultant is also expected to provide a roadmap for the baseline survey with clear plan To THT and its beneficiary. This section should be explained how qualitative data will be collected and used in this survey and consultant will develop a comprehensive technical offer to state his/her understanding of the TOR and strategies to use to perform this assignment.

    5. Expected Results of the baseline survey.

    -  Existing services in 18 sectors will be identified and mapped
    -  The level of inclusion and accessibility for the existing health care services in 18sectors will be assessed.
    -  The level of family and community of people with disability to promote SRH and disability right will be assessed
    -  The capacity of people with disability to engage in inclusion activity which promoting sexual reproductive health will be assessed.

    6. Consultant’s key expected deliverables

    -  A comprehensive detailed methodology for baseline survey: data collection and analysis, techniques and methods, triangulation approaches, sampling framework (sample size and selection techniques, etc.),
    -  Well-designed Qualitative questionnaires, Key Informant questions, according to our outcomes and impacts to assess,
    -  High quality inception report describing methods and techniques to use for this baseline survey,
    -  A high-quality baseline survey report
    -  Lead internal validation for baseline survey.

    7. Duration of the mission

    The duration of this survey will be 12 days for the baseline survey including reporting period.


    TaskEstimated Duration in days (cumulative) Indicative Date
    Start of assignment (signing of contract) 1 day 03/05/2019
    Designing questionnaire 2 days 06-07/05/2019
    Field visit 6 day 08-15/05/2019
    Reporting 3days 15-20/2019


    Upon the satisfactory delivery of the indicated outputs to be verified by THT, the consultant will be paid an agreed lump sum.


    The consultant will be supervised by THT.

    8. Skills and Knowledge of consultant

    Here below are the expected qualifications and experiences to conduct this baseline survey:

    • - A multidisciplinary consulting firm or individual with demonstrable experience in SRHR, qualitative & quantitative researches, data analysis and reporting with a focus on Socio Economic Impact Evaluation, strategic plans ‘Evaluation, Effectiveness Reviews, Operational Researches for different interventions and integrated Programs (Human rights & disability);
    • - The consultant must demonstrate proven experience human right based approached.
    • - The principle investigator should hold at least Master’s degree in Social Sciences, Economics, Development Studies, Rural Development, or related fields;
    • - The consultant must demonstrate the capacity to design and implement robust qualitative & quantitative research tools for both at community and national levels with a field experience in Rwanda
    • - Proven work experience with Government institutions, international and local NGOs and Disabled peoples organizations;

    9. Technical proposition.

    The technical proposition must include the following elements:

    • - A proposal with work plan& proposed budget to carry out the baseline in Rwandan francs.
    • - CV highlighting the experiences and skills related to this consultancy opportunity

    10. Financial Proposition

    The financial proposition must includes costs for services to be delivered in Rwandan francs and taxes included, the number of days estimated and the dairy rates including travels expenses and any related expenses to the realization of benefits.

    Please send a proposal to the Executive Secretary of THT with hard copy at THT Officer located in Gasabo District, Remera Sector, Rukiri I Village, and Kk169st or at the following Email: thttwuzuzanyerwanda@gmail.com


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