• Recruitement of external Consultant for conducting a baseline study of his EXACTE Project

    Posted: 19 July 2018
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    Federation Handicap International which implements its programs under its operational name "HUMANITY & INCLUSION", is looking for External Consultant for conducting a baseline study of his EXACTE Project.


    The general objective of this study is to gather information and data on the current situation of Special and Inclusive Education in the 30 selected DIMS, ascertain teachers’ readiness to implement inclusive education and assess the national educational practitioners’ technical know-how to address needs of inclusive education in Rwanda.


    After conducting the baseline study, HI will achieve the following results:
    • IE coordination mechanisms and available support services identified.
    • National educational practitioners’ technical know-how (Staff of the Ministry of Education, REB, TTC principals and lecturers of the University of Rwanda-College of Education) to support inclusive education in Rwanda assessed.
    • Teachers’ level of awareness about the IE policy, the IE guide, inclusive pedagogical tools, the paper of norms and standards ascertained in the 30 selected DMIS.
    • Teachers’ prerequisites (knowledge and attitude) on inclusive pedagogical practices as embedded into the competence based curriculum evaluated.
    • Local authorities’ level of involvement in the promotion of children’s rights to education, including CwDs, at sector, cell and village level investigated.
    • Children’s understanding on their rights to education and particularly those of children with disabilities to basic inclusive education assessed.
    • Children’s statistical data (enrolment, promotion and retention) collected in the 30 selected DMIS.
    • Strengths favouring and gaps thwarting the promotion of inclusive education found out in the 30 selected DIMS.
    • Practical recommendations to ensure a better project implementation proposed.


    • At least a bachelor’s degree in education, with proved experience in the field of special and inclusive education;
    • Expertise in evaluating similar educational projects;
    • Experience in conducting baseline and end line surveys of inclusive education projects in the context of Rwanda both at national and local levels (provide at least 3 recent evidences).
    • Knowledgeable, available and trusted;
    • Competent in dealing with government institutions, district education officials and school authorities;
    • Familiar with the Rwandan Education context in a broad sense;
    • Strong personal and team organizational skills;
    • Proven track record of producing clear, quality reports in English (provide at least 1 sample recent report).

    For further information about the job, please read the full terms of reference.


    Interested individual or consultancy firms are expected to submit a detailed proposal with the following components:

    • Technical offer (details of methods, approaches, techniques, instruments, samples, capacity analysis, technical resources to be involved, practical tips, work plan, etc.);
    • Financial (details of cost in a logical manner).
    • Application letter, academic certificates, CV of the consultant or the team leader if the applicant has a company, previous contracts or subcontracts that justify the applicant’s past experience and Photocopies or scan of identity card or passport in sealed envelopes.

    Please send a proposal to the HI Country Director, no later than Sunday 5th August 2018 on the address below:

    • FEDERATION HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL,KK 15 RD / KK 10 Ave, Kicukiro, IMELA House, Kigali city, B.P747 Kigali

    • Or by e-mail: recrutement@rwanda.hi.org with subject: CONS-EXACTE-BASELINE-HI-201807.

    Veuillez cliquer ici pour les termes de reference

    Veuillez cliquer ici pour l’appel d’offre originale

    Done at Kigali, 19th July 2018

    Jean-François MICHEL
    Country Director

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