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    Employer: RALGA
    Posted: 1 November 2017
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    Title of the assignment: National Expert to Update RALGA Gender Strategy

    Reference No: 040/RALGA/OT/2017

    Source of Fund: VNG-International


    In order to deliver gender responsive services to its members, the Rwanda Association of Local Government Authorities (RALGA) developed a four year gender strategy in order to have a structured guideline for its gender equality and mainstreaming initiatives back in 2010. This gender strategy had some gaps like: not linking the gender strategy related learning process to the strategy -design and the lack of adequate tools to accompany the gender mainstreaming especially with regard to planning, budgeting and M&E processes. Moreover, as the former gender strategy was aligned to the rd RALGA strategic plan which ended in 2015, it is evident that an updated strategy to guide the gender mainstreaming into RALGA procedures and operations is needed as RALGA is currently halfway implementing the 3rd strategic plan (2015-2020).

    Furthermore, since 2017, RALGA started a new partnership with VNG International (The cooperation Agency of the Association of Dutch Municipalities) for the implementation of a new multi country program called Inclusive Decisions at Local Level (IDEAL 2017-2021). In Rwanda, the IDEAL project which supports the six secondary city Districts (Musanze, Rubavu, Rusizi, Nyagatare, Muhanga and Huye). The objective of IDEAL project in Rwanda is to strengthen local governments that have broad based legitimacy and social cohesion in urbanizing. In fact, one of the project outcomes is that Local decision-making processes of Rwandan secondary city districts on urbanization are more inclusive. Under this outcome the results indicators include elements such as: Women’s concern are included within local decision making and policy development and Districts budgeting and planning process is gender sensitive. Therefore, given the existing limitations affecting women effective participation in the decision processes related to their District urbanization it is obvious that the project will play a key role in addressing some of these gender equality challenges.

    It is against this backdrop that RALGA has planned to hire national consultant who will update RALGA gender strategy.

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