• Planning, Monitoring and Statistics Officer

    Posted: 26 January 2018
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    Job Description

    Elaborate an M&E framework and a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation plan with
    baselines for performance appraisal and collect data resourceful for Monitoring and
    • Monitor the implementation of the strategic and action plans and performance contract on
    a regular basis.
    • Implement M&E policies and strategies and ensure quality and accountability of M&E.
    • Collect, analyse, present and report on indicators as per agreed M&E framework and
    carry out budget execution reviews to compare budget and actual cost during the
    implementation of the strategic and action plans and performance contract.
    • Produce monthly, quarterly, mid
    - term and annual progress reports and ensure that M&E
    findings, relevant learning and recommendations are documented, disseminated to staff
    and channelled into future decision
    - making processes and monitor the implementation of
    the decisions taken in management committee meeting thereof.
    • Ensure the standards & systems used to deliver quality and accountable services and
    monitoring reports including information on levels of compliance achieved against
    standards and indicators.
    • Search, collect, analyse, present, interpret and report statistical data on SGF’s activities
    and forecast trends for the future.
    • Process information by using statistical and database software to produce regular and ad
    hoc reports and ensure that the database on SGF activities contains necessary information
    and is regularly updated.

    Job Profile

    A0 in Economics, Planning, Management, Development Studies

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