• Petroleum and Gas Geophysics Specialist

    Posted: 19 January 2018
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    Job Description

    • Plan geophysical exploration pro
    - grams in cooperation with the other professionals on the explora
    - tion team. This could include things like planning seismic map
    - ping (2D &3D) within the explora
    - tion acreage;
    • Review regional geophysical work done towards petroleum explora
    - tion and evaluate the prospect for exploration;
    • Evaluate geophysical data from po
    - tential areas of exploration;
    • Generate drilling prospects and monitor and evaluate well results;
    • Evaluate the geophysical explora
    - tion results presented by contrac
    - tors;
    • Provide input for enhanced pro
    - cessing of geophysical data sets;
    • Carry out any other duties given by the supervisor

    Job Profile
    A0 in Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Geosciences, Petroleum Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering with 3 years
    Geophysics Specialist, Geophysics Specialist of working experience or Master’s Degree in Petroleum Geology, Petroleum Geosciences, Petroleum Geophysics and Petroleum Engineering

    Key technical skills and knowledge required:

    - Excellent organizational skills;

    - Ability to organize, schedule and utilize time well;

    - Ability to coordinate, organize and anticipate details for special programs and events;

    - Ability to coordinate and handle multiple priorities;

    - Ability to juggle multiple/conflicting priorities and set priorities;

    - Ability to manage multiple projects successfully;

    - Ability to work under pressure on a variety of projects simultaneously;

    - Effective management, organizational, budgeting and planning skills;

    - Successful experience in the areas of decision making, project management, and budgeting;

    - The ability to independently manage the details of multiple programs and projects, to track activities and to meet deadlines;

    - Detail oriented and the ability to set priorities and objectives;

    - Organized, detail oriented, neat and able to meet deadlines;

    - Ability to work as a team coordinator;

    - Ability to work and make decisions with minimal supervision;

    - Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage.

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