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    Posted: 9 September 2017
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    Pact is a non-profit international development
    organization with a purpose to enable poor and marginalized people in the
    developing world to earn a dignified living, be healthy, and take part in the
    benefits that nature provides. Pact is collaborating with ITRI, a tin industry
    membership organization, mineral traders and exporters, and Governments in the
    Great Lakes region to implement a chain of custody and due diligence scheme
    called the ITRI Tin Supply Chain Initiative (iTSCi). iTSCi allows buyers along
    the supply chain to determine the source of the raw minerals being produced and
    traded in the DRC and adjoining countries. We are now looking to scale up this
    solution throughout the Great Lakes Region.

    A) Number
    of field technicians:



    Under the supervision of field coordinator,
    the field technician provides the following responsibilities:

    organizing and monitoring of field activities

    and baselines reporting in a timely manner

    the needs and challenges from filed activities

    the meetings with stakeholders

    Attend and participate in training of state
    if necessary to ensure
    the data are
    and accurately recorded in the logbooks

    and propose other mining sites in its radius of action for the extension of the

    daily security situation analyses of the sites and any other information deemed
    necessary for the proper functioning of the Project

    daily security situation analyses of the site and any other information deemed
    necessary for the proper functioning of the Project

    a consistent monthly report of activities in English

    other tasks requested by the project

    Possess strong oral and written communication skills and be
    able to establish and maintain good relationships with colleagues and partners

    Have an interest in iTSCi’s mission and work


    The field technician will report to the field coordinator for iTSCi

    Duration of the contract:

    The duration of the contract will be of Eight months (8) starting from
    the 22nd May 2016;
    an essay period of three (3)
    months will be required


    At least a Bachelor’s degree in Earth sciences/Geology or Natural Resources Management.


    field technician shall meet the following requirements: 

    The knowledge of English, Kinyarwanda and French

    Experience in artisanal mining

    Good communication skills

    Experience with community based organizations, previous field experience with Pact Rwanda will
    be an asset

    Experience in field activities

    Place: Kigali/Rwanda How to apply: all applications with a motivation letter and
    CV shall be sent through the following email address:
    pactrwanda@gmail.com not later than May 12, 2017 at 05: 00 PM mentioning
    the title of the job as a subject to email. 

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