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    Employer: Prison Fellowship Rwanda (PFR)
    Prison Fellowship Rwanda (PFR) is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with the government of Rwanda and its relevant agencies, local and international partners and volunteers to foster restorative justice, unity and reconciliation, peace building, psychosocial healing initiatives, promotion of... See more
    Posted: 22 December 2019
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    Project Title: Community-Based Protection (CBP) & Legal Assistance
    Position: Legal Officer (5)
    Job type: Full-Time
    Starting Date: 1st January 2020
    Duration of assignment: One year
    Locations: Refugees and Asylum seekers in Urban Areas (Kigali) and Refugees in Camps (Kiziba, Gihembe, Nyabiheke and Gashora)


    Prison Fellowship Rwanda (PFR) is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with the government of Rwanda and its relevant agencies, local and international partners and volunteers to foster restorative justice, unity and reconciliation, peace building, psychosocial healing initiatives, promotion of human rights and provision of legal assistance and development in Rwanda. Prison Fellowship Rwanda was founded on 01/07/1995, affiliated to the Prison Fellowship International in 1997. It was officially registered and recognized by the ministerial law no 037/17, of 23/10/2002 as a non- profit organization and published in official gazette of the Republic of Rwanda in 2002.

    Prison Fellowship Rwanda in partnership with UNHCR and the Ministry in Charge of Emergency Management (MINEMA) will implement a Community Based Protection Project & Legal Assistance focusing on refugees and asylum seekers living in urban areas of Kigali and Huye and refugees living in all six camps (Kiziba, Gihembe, Nyabiheke, Mugombwa, Kigeme and Mahama). The objective of the project is to strengthen community engagement and empowerment in a systematized and comprehensive manner in collaboration with UNHCR and other partners as well as strengthen resilience in the community and providing support to different groups, activate and manage community centers focusing on youth and ensuring that the centers are safe spaces to persons of concern of all age, gender and diversity backgrounds. The project will further ensure access to justice and respect of human rights by ensuring legal assistance, civil registration and documentation to refugees living in the camps and urban areas.

    Currently Prison Fellowship Rwanda is looking for a qualified and highly motivated candidate of high moral character and professional integrity to fulfill the position of Legal Officer to manage the overall project implementation at each location. Under the supervision of the Legal Aid and Civil Registration coordinator, the Legal officer will undertake the following specific tasks:

    • • Ensuring that all project components are implemented according to the project plans, in order to meet all goals and objectives;
    • • Be responsible to support the day-to-day management of the project to ensure its effective, efficient and cost-sensitive management;
    • • Ensure the annual and quarterly planning, implementation of activities, monitoring/reviewing of activities, timely reporting as per project agreement;
    • • Monitor project plans and ensure the overall coordination of the project activities and coordinate the work of paralegals;
    • • Monitor detentions and police stations throughout the country to ensure that any detained person of concern receives justice;
    • • Ensure that refugees understand the importance of immediate civil registration;
    • • Be responsible for the elaboration of progress, annual and other types of reports;
    • • Develop and encourage new and innovative solutions that will contribute to sustainable improvements of well-being of refugees;
    • • Providing legal assistance and representation to person of concern;
    • • Contributing towards development of IEC materials;
    • • Represent the organization in different meetings and other relevant events related to the project;
    • • Carry out regular monitoring of civil registration;
    • • Ensure a strong collaboration with partners including UNHCR, MINEMA and other implementing partners on the field;
    • • Ensure communication is strengthened in close coordination with Communication officer and Field staff;
    • • Perform any other task assigned by the management in relation to a success of the project.


    • • A Bachelor degree in relevant field (Human Rights, Law, Justice or related discipline);
    • • At least 3 years of experience of working in the field with direct engagement with persons of concern. Demonstrated expertise in the field of protection, Legal aid, community rehabilitation services, mediation, counselling, or related areas as well as project administration and coordination, including monitoring, control and reporting, resource management, preferably within a non-profit organization;
    • • Demonstrated experience in team management and planning;
    • • Experience in coordinating legal aid activities/programs;
    • • Experience in working closely with governmental/local authorities and other (inter)national NGO’s;
    • • Good ability to write clear and well-argued reports on program outcomes and impact;
    • • Ability to operate Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
    • • Ability to manage a heavy workload, to delegate tasks/responsibilities and to constantly reassess priorities;
    • • Capacity to initiate new ideas and put them into action;
    • • An honest, reliable and very accurate person;
    • • Strong interpersonal and motivational skills;
    • • Excellent communication skills both verbal and in writing;
    • • Fluent English and Kinyarwanda both verbal and written;
    • • Working knowledge of French.


    This is a full-time position for the duration of one year. The Legal Officer will be based on the field where the project is being implemented. The Legal officer is expected to start on the 1st of January 2020.


    To apply for this position please send your motivation letter, CV, Degree and other certificates and at least two recommendation letters to: info.pfrwanda@gmail.com and mention the title of the position in the subject line of the email and location applied for. The application deadline is the 29th of December 2019. The applications can be addressed to the Executive Director of Prison Fellowship Rwanda.

    For more information about Prison Fellowship Rwanda, consult: www.pfrwanda.com

    Done at Kigali on 20th /12/2019


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