• Legal Affairs Specialist

    Employer: Rwanda Information Society Authority
    Posted: 12 January 2018
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    Job Description

    • Deal with legal issues and provide legal advice on staff and institutional matters to ensure their compliance with applicable laws, instructions, regulations and procedures;
    • Reviews standard and unique contract and procurement documentation in consultation with relevant government/public donor institutions to ensure their legal correctness and completeness
    • Prepare contracts and MoUs between the institution and stakeholders.
    • Propose necessary amendments to laws, contracts and agreements to keep them relevant;
    • Interpret laws, instructions, regulations and procedures to the whole institution.
    • Monitor the implementation of applicable laws, instructions, regulations and procedures.
    • Assist technical department in developing legal and regulatory provisions (decrees and instructions) of the institution:
    • Draft legal texts regarding the institution and give legal advice on texts, instructions, regulations and procedures;
    • Reviewing all documents before signature by the Management
    Job Profile

    Master’s Degree in Law or A0 in Law with 3 years of working experience.
    A good understanding of the Rwandan Laws is very key

    Key technical skills and knowledge required:

    - High analytical and problem solving skills

    - Legal research and analysis in complex areas of law

    - Knowledge of Substantive Law and Legal Procedures

    - Decision making skills

    - Experience in contract drafting and negotiation

    - Excellent communication skills

    - Very effective organization skills

    - Computer skills

    - Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/or French. Knowledge of all is an advantage.

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