• Land Survey and GIS Officer - Kicukiro District

    Posted: 13 October 2017
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    Job: Land Survey and GIS Officer
    Organization: KICUKIRO DISTRICT
    Level 5.II
    Reports To: Director of Infrastructure One Stop Center/Land Notary
    No. of Positions: 1
    Deadline: 18/Oct/2017

    Job Description

    Main duties and Responsibilities:

    • Conduct regular land survey within the District using the appropriate technologies (e.g. GIS), demarcate and approve land cadastral plans;
    • Consolidate and maintain an updated Geo-localizable list of used and unused landacross the District,analyze and produce reports on the land use and its management within the District;
    • Prepare land documents to be issued by the District in conformity with the procedures manual approved by competent authorities;
    • Prepare specific land use plans and ensure their coordinated implementation;
    • Work hand in hand with concerned stakeholders to organize and carry out map-making, land division, land titles elaboration and mining certification across the District;
    • Prepare specific land use plans, ensure their coordinated implementation and produce consolidated reports on the land use and its management across the District.

    Job Profile

    A0 in Geography, Land Surveying and GIS, Land Management, Topography

    Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

    • Land Surveying skills
    • Organizational Skills;
    • Communication Skills;
    • Judgment & Decision Making Skills;
    • Time management Skills;
    • Team working Skills;
    • Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is anadvantage


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