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    Employer: Partners In Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima (PIH/IMB)
    Posted: 1 December 2017
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    Job Title: Integrated Non Communicable Disease District Coordinators

    Location: Burera and Kirehe Districts

    Number of Positions: Two

    Organization Background

    Partners In Health/Inshuti Mu Buzima (PIH/IMB) is a health and social justice organization that works to comprehensively support the Rwanda public health system in three rural districts, and create service delivery models that can influence national policy and scale-up. Over the past 9 years, INCD services started to be available in the PIH supported districts health centers. Today 3 district hospitals and 16 health centers have opened INCD clinics, with further decentralization going on to achieve a total coverage of 40 health centers. Priorities include early detection and management of diabetes, heart failure, hypertension and chronic respiratory diseases using specific NCD protocols. IMB NCD program continues to grow as a response to the growing national needs to improve access and delivery of quality NCD services for Rwandans. Early detection, Quality improvement and continuous monitoring are an imperative to the success of control and prevention of NCDs.

    Overall responsibilities

    The NCD coordinators are responsible for leading the decentralization of NCD services to health centers in Burera and Kirehe districts, raising and maintaining the quality of NCD services at the district hospital and health center levels, and provide continuous technical support to the multidisciplinary district MOH NCD team to optimize delivery of quality integrated NCD care. The coordinators will coordinate early detection activities for selected NCDs in the health centers.

    Specific duties include and are not limited to the following:

    Service delivery

    To implement district wide NCDs initiatives such as quality improvement projects in the HC and DH. This will involve :
    Travel to HC and supervise the use of call log and program exit forms
    Collaborate with the district EMR coordinator and NCD data officer, to organize periodic regular seminars to share the QI findings with relevant teams
    Prepare and participate in the district wide data sharing and MESH debriefing meetings
    Coordinate screening activities for NCDs in the catchment district
    Lead the decentralization of NCD care to Burera and Kirehe districts HC respectively
    To provide and highlight necessary technical support to the NCD clinic nurses and MESH Mentor. This includes liaison role with district PIH leadership, NCD program leaders, and other IMB support programs to facilitate necessary logistics (travel, etc.)
    To supervise the use of NCD drugs and prevent / minimize stock out of NCD drugs
    Collaborate with the district based POSER program, to ensure support to those eligible beneficiaries is provided in alignment with PIH goals. This may involve revising and supervising the implementation of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in relation to NCDs social economic supports
    To coordinate the implementation of the home glucometer project
    In collaboration with the NCD Manager, to organize and conduct quarterly support groups for diabetes and other most vulnerable patients.

    Education and learning

    To prepare, and hold regular training for nurses to achieve the target and address the know-do- gap, as well as receiving feedback on treatment protocols.
    Contribute in the organization and implementation of mass education campaign on NCDs
    Identify areas in need of learning and together with the NCD Manager, prepare a focused refresher training

    Work plan development

    Collaborate with the district MOH NCD team to support the annual work plan development process and take a lead in the implementation and monitoring including feed back
    Contribute in the management of the organizational policies and procedures related to NCD

    Monitoring and Evaluation

    Pilot new national NCD clinical forms within the supported district, including new national M&E indicators
    Analyzes the monthly and quarterly EMR and M&E reports and provide feedback related to the NCD protocols adherence compliances and aberrances.
    Works with NCD EMR data officer and coordinator to ensure completeness and quality of patient data entry
    Prepares IMB quarterly indicator report for Integrated NCD
    Participate in Integrated NCD research activities as required

    Desired Skills and Experience

    • Public health / Nursing: University level degree, or more
    • Experience at least 3 years working in NCD service delivery or similar domains
    • Good knowledge of computer skills such as Excel and power point
    • Quality Improvement or M&E skills prior to this work would be much better
    • Having had a multidisciplinary team work experience would be an added asset.
    • Ability to work independently and multitask, highly organized and able to keep track of multiple administrative and clinical tasks
    • Travel and live in rural zones
    • Good communication skills: able to communicate clearly, verbally and in writing, with a wide spectrum of team members (doctors, nurses, programmatic and hospital leadership)
    • Speaking both Kinyarwanda and English or French

    Please visit www.pih.org to learn more about PIH.

    How to apply:

    If you believe that you are the right candidate for the above position, please submit your applications: CV and application letter to http://www-pih-org/pages/employment

    Applications should be submitted not later than 12 December 2017.


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