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    Posted: 28 March 2018
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    Technical Expert for Private Sector Development and Youth Employement Secretaria

    Job Description

    - Support ensure development partner alignment with government priorities and avoid duplication; create synergies and partnerships in implementation for the private sector development

    - Support oversee the implementation of Private Sector Development and Youth Em
    - ployment Strategy

    - Support coordinate Sector analytical works to inform appropriate policies and strate
    - gies

    - Assist in coordination functions by ensuring information flows are adequate and following up on recommendations.

    - Actively ensure effective and enhanced dialogue within the sector

    - Ensure relevant government institutions, civil society organizations and private sector are invited to participate in the SWG or sub
    - group.

    - Communicate all relevant information concerning the SWG to members; this may in
    - clude strategic documents, reports, meeting agenda and schedules.

    - Support members’ institutions of the SWG on any other relevant work as deemed nec
    - essary and appropriate.

    Job Profile

    - Master Degree in Economics, International Development and Business Administration and any other area related to Private Sector Development.

    - At least 5 years professional experience, of which 3 years in a comparable position and proven work experience in Private Sector Development.

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    Job Description

    •Coordinate cluster discussions allowing to identify gaps along the value chains and propose common solutions for sector competitiveness
    •Play an intermediary role/linkage for the identified challenges and specific interventions of development partners
    •Overseeing the design of both Strategic and Operational plans for selected value chains in line with the Made in Rwanda Policy and the Private Sector Development Strategy II, follow up on their implementation and updating the monitoring processes.
    • Identify cluster challenges for collective solutions

    Job Profile

    • Degree (BA) in Business Administration, Management, Commerce, Economics, Finance, Trade, Entrepreneurship, Development studies, information management or Accounting; Master’s Degree in one of the mentioned areas is a plus;
    •A minimum of 5 years relevant and hands
    - on experience in areas related to the Private Sector, Entrepreneurship & SMEs development Projects and Programs or Business Advisory & Consulting Services;
    •Strong experience in SMEs / Business consulting sectors;
    •Proven track record of developing and/or evaluating complex client business plans;
    •Proven track record in events organizations is a strong plus.

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    IT expert

    Job Description

    - Support MINICOM through IT department to play its role and implement its mandate in the sector with regard to the “digitalization” of the sector.

    - Support the development of an actionable plans and appropriate coordination for their implementation for the digitisation of the trade and industry sector

    - Support in coordination of finalization of the ICT4COM strategy of MINICOM on the basis of the existing draft.

    - As part of this finalisation a situational analysis of ICT in the trade and industry sector as well as within MINICOM has to be conducted.

    - Support the department in implementation of ICT strategies relevant for the trade and industry sector with clear connection to the Smart Rwanda Master Plan (SRMP, Existing and approved sector sub
    - plans under SRMP; the Draft ICT4COM Strategy, the Private Sector Development Strategy (PSDS; the revised National Export Strategy (NES
    - II, the Domestic Market Recapturing Strategy (DMRS; MINICOM Five Year Strategic Plan (2016
    - 2020); RDB Five Year Strategic Plan (2016
    - 2020) and other documents deemed relevant.

    - Support the review of current ICT services, applications and infrastructure in the trade and industry sector.

    - Support the mapping out of all government services offered to the public in the trade and industry sector and assesses their current level of digitisation as well as major constraints (overlapping, duplication, synergies).

    - Propose potential areas for harmonization where systems are overlapping to improve efficiency

    - Support and provide advisory services to informing MINICOM IT Strategy and support in the drafting of roles of that IT committee.

    Job Profile

    - At least hold a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering ICT systems, ICT infrastructure or development; further education is a strong advantage

    - 5 years’ experience in developing and implementing ICT systems for public institutions, or equivalent experience within a large private sector firm

    - Proven experience of working in East Africa and the political and legislative environment

    - Proven experience in developing implementation plans for large organisations’ ICT systems

    - Proven experience in analysing and drafting ICT strategies for large public or private organisations

    - Detailed knowledge of the level of ICT development in Rwanda and the region, including key constraints for using ICT as enabling trade and private sector development

    - Strong communications skills, including the ability to communicate complex concepts to non
    - expert audiences, both orally and in writing

    - Ability to work independently, and to deliver complex assignments under time pressure

    - Previous experience in developing sector ICT strategies in Rwanda or East Africa region

    - Previous experience delivering ICT implementation in public organisations in in Rwanda or East Africa region

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