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    Posted: 9 November 2017
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    Job IFMIS - Software Developer
    Level: 3.II
    Reports To: IFMIS Coordinator
    No. of Positions 4
    Deadline 09/Nov/2017

    Job Description

    • Design, documentation and development of system functionalities
    • Develop unit and system testing cases and scripts, test and reports test results
    • Work closely with system developers on various design, development, documentation and testing activities
    • Ensure MINECOFIN IT security policy appliance in SmartFMS software development lifecycle
    • Maintain various database related documents such as manuals and programmers handbooks including developing IFMIS user unit tailored manuals, where necessary.
    • Communicating regularly with technical, applications and operational staff to ensure database integrity and security;
    • Working closely with IT team, database programmers and developers;
    • Analyse and develop statutory and analytical reports for various modules of IFMIS

    Job Profile

    • Bachelors’ degree in Information Technology (IT) or related discipline such as Computer Science, and IT applied in management specialized in Software Development, Java J2ee, and Struts framework development with at least 3 years’ experience. Possession of a relevant post graduate qualification with 2 years’ experience will be an added advantage.
    • Knowledgeable about IT and web applications
    • Interested in keeping up to date with changing technology.
    • Understand the laws regarding privacy and data storage
    • Knowledge and experience in mobile applications development will be an advantage.
    • Prior experience in the successful development of application build, testing, implementation and quality assurance activities of automated financial management systems will be an advantage.
    • Dynamic and proactive individual with the ability to produce technical work plans and monitor performance against them
    • Strong track record in performance management is vital (setting targets, monitoring delivery, planning)
    • Having a good grasp of Data Structures and Algorithms;
    • Adequate and Practical knowledge of Relational Database Technologies through additional Professional Training in Advanced Database Systems (ORACLE, DB 2, Informix, Postgres, SQL Server) and practical experience
    • Adequate and Practical knowledge of Web 2.0 technologies through additional Professional Training and practical experience
      - ?* Being able to work hard under stressful situations
    • Being teachable and a quick learner in Software Technologies


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