• Human Resources management specialist-NATIONAL REHABILITATION SERVICE-

    Posted: 23 April 2018
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    Job Description

    •To Provide Technical Support at senior level to NRS on matters related to Human Resource Management by:
    •Conduct and or supervise research, policy and strategy analysis on matters of HR in the institution;
    •Design policy and strategy proposals as well as programs and projects in matters of HR in the public service;
    •Analyse job requirements and prepare job descriptions and job specifications for recruitment , job evaluation and other purposes;
    •Identify strategic and operational capacity building and development needs of the institution;
    •Formulate staff development strategies and programs especially in staff training and supervise their implementation ;
    •Provide advice to the institution on recruitment, performance management including evaluation, HR needs assessment, HR forecasting , planning and management, capacity development and training, scholarships schemes, competence profiling, skills inventory, HRM information systems, leadership development, and other aspects of HRM including pension schemes, pay roll management, incentive schemes, utilization of ICT to manage HR ;
    •Initiate budget proposal for the HR department ;
    •Enforce and coordinate periodic staff performance appraisal/evaluation exercises ;
    •Play an advisory role for the institution’s staff on HR policies and procedures ;
    •Monitor or establish payment statements (staff salaries and benefits) and regularly verify statutory contributions and all legal deductions ;
    •Prepare, Monitor and evaluate the organization’s recruitment and selection process to ensure that the organization recruits the best people for advertized jobs and ensure the compliance with legislation and best practice related to equal opportunities ;
    •Play advocacy role and ensure the staff’s welfare;
    •Carrying out any other relevant tasks assigned by the NRS authorities.

    Job Profile

    A0 in Human Resource Management, Management with Specialization in Human Resource Management, Business Administration with Specialization in Human Resource Management with 3 years of working experience or Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management, Management with Specialization in Human Resource, Business Administration with Specialization in Human Resource Management

    Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

    - Deep knowledge of Rwandan public service and labor law;

    - Knowledge in Confilct Management;

    - knowledge of the regulations applying to payroll procedures;

    - Knowledge of human resources concepts, practices,policies, and procedures;

    - Problem Solving Skills;

    - Computer Skills;

    - Judgment & Decision Making Skills;

    - Time management Skills;

    - Interview Skills;

    - High analytical Skills;

    - Teamworking Skills;

    - Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage

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