• Grant Manager Officer

    Posted: 31 January 2018
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    Job Description

    •Managing Research Grants:

    - Develop and introduce research and innovation standardized granting instruments such as tools, templates and guidelines to support grant management and oversee application processes.

    - Process grant payments to successful applicants and follow up on all queries related to NCST’s granting process

    - Ensure that grant management tools and templates are used consistently and implement management rules and procedures.
    •Reporting on the Research Grants:

    - Monitor interventions and programs funded by grants to ensure compliance with established rules and procedures and requirements

    - Perform functions of grant management and report on status of grant processing and outcomes by regularly leasing with beneficiaries

    - Prepare financial and other reports related to the National Research and Innovation Fund

    - Work on other duties assigned by the NCST Executive Secretary

    - Work on other duties assigned by the Head of department and report to him/her
    Required experience:

    - Working experience of 3 years in Operational Research Funding and/or Grant Management

    - Strong knowledge of science, technology, innovation and R&D economics and strategic planning,

    - Ability to interpret complex grant funding requirements, submissions, rules regulations, and budget projections to ensure conformity to standards.

    - Knowledge of grant processes including accounting and financial reporting with ability to interpret.

    Job profile
    Bachelor’s Degree in Technology Management, Business Administration and Finance, Industrial Management, Industrial Economics, Geo
    - Econometrics, Biostatistics, Business Process Engineering, Operational Research.
    Key technical skills and knowledge required:

    - Knowledge in Project Proposal and Grant Management;

    - Computer skills;

    - Organizational skills;

    - Communication skills;

    - Knowledge of organizational structure workflow and operating procedures;

    - Knowledge in Monitoring and Evaluation Systems;

    - Judgment and decision making skills;

    - Complex Problem Solving;

    - Time management skills;

    - High analytical skills;

    - Team working skills;

    - Fluent in English. Knowledge of Kinyarwanda and French is an advantage

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