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    Posted: 23 November 2017
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    Fédération Handicap International is looking for:
    An external consultant for translation of the curriculum for children with intellectual disabilities (From English into Kinyarwanda)

    Project : Promoting Inclusive Learning (PIL) in Rwanda
    Activity : Translation of the curriculum material from English into Kinyarwanda
    Closing date for application: From 29th November 2017

    1. Context

    Since July 2015, Federation Handicap International is implementing a national programme entitled ‘’ Promoting Inclusive Learning (PIL) for children with disabilities in Rwandan schools’’ through the financial support of UNICEF. This programme intends to support MINEDUC/REB to advance inclusive education in Rwanda to achieve the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP) outcome 2 and to ensure that children with disabilities and/or special educational needs are enjoying equitable, friendly and inclusive learning.

    In a bid to promote quality Special and inclusive Education in Rwandan schools, the PIL programme has developed the curriculum for learners with moderate, severe and profound Cognitive Challenges and Developmental Disabilities (sometimes referred to as learners with intellectual disabilities). This is in line with the Government’s commitment to foster and support all learners to access and achieve in Rwandan education, including those facing all form of limitations and disadvantages in schooling.

    The curriculum is aligned to the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) that was officially launched in 2015. It is intended to be used in both special and Inclusive schools in order to educationally accommodate needs of children with intellectual challenges and manage their cognitive diversity.
    The present curriculum is premised on the national prospects, values and mission set in an effort to help children with intellectual disabilities realize their optimal potential in learning and help improve their level of autonomy in the future. Ultimately, children with intellectual disabilities are expected to promote their highest attainable level in terms of knowledge, competences and attitudes as self-reliant participants and equal members of the Rwandan society.

    2. Objective of the consultancy

    To procure translation, with appropriate terminology, of the curriculum material from English to Kinyarwanda and produce a version that meets quality of a useable document in Rwandan special and inclusive schools.

    3. Requirements (experience and qualification)

    • The consultant and/or co- consultants will prove suitability and expertise with Translation Services (mostly experience with English and Kinyarwanda proficiency).
    • The consultant will prove the capacity to easily proofread a large document and come up with a clear rationale of the content before the actual translation.
    • He/she will be requested to present the translated document to the National IE Task Force for approval and validation.
    • He/she will need to be familiar with the Rwandan Education context in a wide sense;
    • He/she will need to have knowledge on special needs and inclusive education terminology (this is a strong asset);
    • He/she will need to prove the capacity of as a translator and an editor as an added value;
    • He/she will need to have good communication, interpersonal, organizational and analytical skills;
    • He/she will need to be proficient in computer skills (literate to manage word texts and edits);
    • He/she will need to be knowledgeable, available and trusted;
    • He/she will need to prove track record of producing clear, quality translated documents from English into Kinyarwanda (provide at least 1 sample document);

    4. Working conditions

    The consultant will work independently, under a close follow up of the Project Manager (PM) and the technical guidance of the Technical Assistant to REB (TA).

    5. Duration of the consultancy

    The consultancy will be conducted from 4th November2017 to 15th January 2018 including time for document delivery.

    6. Deliverables

    At the end, the consultant will hand over a clearly, final translated document: one soft and one hard copy.

    7. Organization of Bids

    • Technical offer (detailed practical tips, work plan, etc.);
    • Financial (details of cost in a logical manner).
    The consultant will also submit an updated CV, a letter of motivation giving details on technical aspects and a statement indicating fee rates for this consultancy. Policy clearance from RRA.
    The application will be sent to the Country Director via the address below:

    • FEDERATION HANDICAP INTERNATIONAL, Kicukiro IMELA House; KK 15 Rd / KK 10 Ave, B.P. 747 Kigali.

    • Or by e-mail: recrutement@hi-rwanda.org with subject: CONSTRANS-PIL-HI-201711

    N.B : In respect of the law into force, persons with disabilities will be given a priority if they prove professional competences as equally as other candidates in tests and interviews. Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

    Click here for terms of references

    Done at Kigali, on 15th November 2017.

    Jean Francois MICHEL
    Country Director


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