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    Posted: 13 November 2018
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    COGEBANQUE is looking for inspired innovators, self-driven and highly creative personalities to collaborate with the bank in taking it to the next level of success. If you feel you have what it takes, we would like to hear from you.

    Interested candidates will send their application via email at jobvacancies@cogebank.com by or before 19th November 2018 marking the subject as "The Job You Are Applying For". Eg: "E-Banking Operations Officer"

    E-Banking Operations Officer:

    Job summary
    -  Responsible for collecting all card requests from branches and prepare the XML file to be sent to EMP and follow up with the EMP to ensure that all cards have been produced, personalized and delivered as per set time frame.

    -  Responsible for recruiting POS merchants as per assigned KPIs and provide training and reports to POS merchants


    General and Behavioral

    -  Ability to work under minimal supervision

    -  Excellent oral and written communication

    -  High level of creativity and innovation

    -  Good planning and organisation skills

    -  Excellent analytical skills

    -  Good problem solving and analysis

    -  Excellent relationship building and networking

    Education & Qualification
    -  A Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Business Computing or related field.

    -  At least 2 years’ Banking experience preferably in alternative channels
    -  Good IT Knowledge.

    I. Card Operations • Receive, sort and distribute personalized cards to branches
    • Assist branches in activation of all cards delivered to customers
    • Process PIN change and PIN reset requests from Branches
    • Monitor and ensure that the ATM Bridge is up and running 24/7 and work with the vendor to fix any ATM bridge issue that may arise.
    • Process customer disputes related to card transactions and initiate chargeback process
    • Integration of IDF (Immediate Debit File) on a daily basis
    • Share with Finance department all transaction reports from Visa and MasterCard so that they can be used for reconciliation
    • Support branches and finance department in order to ensure that all internal accounts for ATMs are properly reconciled.
    • Record and report all customer reports on stolen/lost cards and process issue instructions for re-issuance of the same;
    • Collect customer charges for specific processes such as re-issuance of cards and ensure the amounts collected are accurate;
    • File all card services records /documents in an orderly and systematic manner on a daily basis and retrieve documents as requested by the relevant departments;
    • Process payment of credit card bills
    • Verify and ensure all cards are linked to correct accounts and client credit limits are observed;
    • Timely blocking of cards reported stolen/lost in accordance with bank procedures; promptly issue instructions for re-issuance of the same;
    • Review and evaluate commissions and charges for specific processes such as re-issuance of PINS and cards and provide appropriate recommendations on the same;
    • Review various card reports as needed or requested;
    • Liaise with the Marketing and Business Development department in communicating to customers the Bank’s policy and procedures on the use of debit, prepaid and credit cards;
    • Authorise customer cash advance requests and initiate monetary adjustments on member accounts within the set limits; and
    • Monitor customer complaints and compliments closely in order to take prompt action and institute corrective measures where necessary.

    II. POS maintenance
    • Configure POS on the system and ensure that they are configured on the right merchants and accounts.
    • To monitor all Bank POS network and ensure an uptime of at least 99%
    • Support merchant in their daily POS reconciliation.

    III. Internet Banking
    • Register corporate customer on internet banking.
    • Configure internet banking users in branch and provided them with training and support to ensure that they can register customers smoothly.
    • Address all issues related to internet banking by working closely with internet banking vendor.

    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted!

    Done at Kigali, on 13th November 2018

    Cherno Gaye
    Managing Director


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