• Documentation & Archives Center Officers

    Employer: Office of The Prime Minister
    Posted: 29 January 2018
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    Job Description

    Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Support all activities
    - Supports the coordination and management of all the government documentation activities for the Prime Minister’s office. Undertake personal leadership in work taking personal responsibility for ensuring tasks are followed up and that people are working together. Respect and use the management systems in place within the PMO. Undertake team work and seek to promote good cultural values to create an effectively functioning team;
    2. Maintain an organised records and filling
    - Support planning mechanisms and processes for the institution and undertake effective prioritisation and planning of personal tasks. Work closely with the other departments to ensure that capacity issues and other related activities are implemented;
    3. Distributes documents to services concerned
    - Receives, records and correspondence of PM Services and distribute them accordingly to relevant units.
    4. Follow up of documents: Ensure that all correspondence of PM Services are distributed on time and accordingly to avoid delays and losing them.

    5. Deliver High Quality
    - Ensuring that the quality of work produced is of high quality. This will involve working with other staff and ensuring that data and information received is fully analysed before deliver to the supervisor;

    6. Communications and Information Sharing – Support communication and information sharing both internally and externally in the PMO. Use existing PMO processes and be proactive in sharing information and communicating with others.
    7. To perform any other duties assigned to him/her in the institution.
    Job profile
    "A0 in Law, Arts Language and Communication and Documentation".

    Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

    - strong Documentation skills

    - General office skills

    - Excellent IT skills

    - Conscientious and independent worker

    - fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantaga

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