• District Roads Senior Engineer

    Posted: 9 January 2018
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    Job Description

    - Propose the effective planning and coordination of Roads projects and programs implemented in LGs

    - Give technical support to LGs for effective implementation of roads projects;

    - Advise on roads projects prioritization basing on economic opportunity and planning tools at national and LGs level;

    - Follow up the implementation of roads projects in Decentralized Entities and provide technical advice;

    - Participate in analysis of roads projects profile documents submitted by LGs to LODA;

    - Coordinate and ensure roads standards are implemented by LGs;

    - Facilitate the implementation of operation and maintenance manual of roads projects financed by LGs,

    - Prepare and report annual maintenance plan of roads projects implemented by LGs

    - Provide technical advices on roads projects feasibility studies developed by LGs;

    - analyse requests and documents required for the transfers of funds allocated on roads projects to decentralized entities;

    - Prepare periodical and situational progress reports on roads projects financed by LODA.

    - Provide guidance and recommendations on the effective ways of monitoring and evaluation of LGs roads projects implemented by LG s

    - Assist the LG s in all the technical and financial matter related to roads construction and maintenance activities

    - Assist LGs in implementing the different audits recommendations concerning roads projects

    - Undertake capacity building and training of LGs staff on roads infrastructure administrations,

    - Any other duties as assigned by the LED Division Manager
    Job Profile

    A0 in Civil Engineering with 3 years of working experience in the field

    Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

    - Extensive knowledge and understanding of the Decentralisation system;

    - Knowledge of results based management, logical
    framework approach, strategic planning processess and tools;

    - Knowledge of drafting Action Plans and Operational Plans;

    - Knowledge to conduct policy and analysis and draft proposals;

    - Knowledge of Monitoring and Evaluation concepts, systems and tools;

    - Computer Skills;

    - Leadership Skills;

    - Organizational Skills;

    - Communication Skills;

    - High analytical & Complex Problem Solving Skills;

    - Judgment & Decission Making Skills;

    - Time management Skills;

    - Team working Skills;

    - Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French;
    knowledge of all is an advantage

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