Employer: Ministry of Information Technology & Communications
    Posted: 3 January 2018
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    1. Project and Policy function
    • Review the Ministry’s performance and advise Ministry’s Officials on Policies and Strategies that may be adopted to increase effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling its mandate;
    • Monitor and participate in the formulation of policies, strategies and programmes of the Ministry;
    • Consult with stakeholders and others on developing a range of project management related plans;
    • Assess and advise on risks in relation to project activities.
    2. Planning and Coordination function
    • Coordinate the formulation and preparation of the Ministry’s strategic plan, medium term plan, and annual action plan;
    • Organize and coordinate planning meetings between the Ministry and its affiliated Agencies as well as different partners;
    • Lead the development of Periodical plans, strategies and programs to guide the ICT Sector.
    • Liaise with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning on budgeting process and assist in the preparation of the Ministry’s budget;
    • Supervise staff in charge of planning, Monitoring and Evaluation unit to ensure that they perform their duties efficiently and they grow professionally and achieve the objectives of the unit and the sector in general;
    • Coordinate the elaboration of staff and institutional performance contracts;
    • Develop and propose project profile document and strategies for resource mobilization.
    3. Monitoring and Evaluation function
    • Monitoring the implementation of the Ministry’s Annual Action Plan, Strategic Plan and Minister’s Performance Contract;
    • Coordinate Preparation of periodic performance reports and ensure their filing (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually);
    • Consolidate and monitor the implementation of resolutions from different meetings;
    • Design control and impact evaluation mechanisms for integrated projects; • Provide technical support on M&E processes within the Ministry;
    • Coordinate mid
    - year and annual performance reviews of the Ministry;
    • Monitor performance of Executive Agencies under the Ministry;
    • Analyze data and evaluate the effectiveness of project activities.
    4. Research and Statistics function
    • Coordinate the collection and analysis of ICT sector statistics;
    • Ensure the development and updating of a functional statistical database of the Ministry;
    • Carry out any other relevant tasks assigned by superiors.


    A0 in Management, Economics,Development Studies, Strategic Management, Project Management, Business Administration with 3 years of working experience or Master’s Degree or Equivalent in Management, Economics,Development Studies, Strategic Management, Project Management, Business Administration with 1 year of working experience.
    Key Technical Skills & Knowledge required:

    - Knowledge of results based management, logical framework approach,
    strategic planning processess and tools;

    - Knowledge of Rwanda’s Justice Sector Policies and Strategies;

    - Knowledge of drafting Action Plans and Operational Plans;

    - Knowledge to conduct policy and analysis and draft proposals;

    - Knowledge of Monitoring and Evaluation concepts, systems and tools;

    - Computer Skills;

    - Organizational Skills;

    - Communication Skills;

    - High analytical & Complex Problem Solving Skills;

    - Judgment & Decission Making Skills;

    - Time management Skills;

    - Team working Skills;

    - Fluent in Kinyarwanda, English and/ or French; knowledge of all is an advantage

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