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    Employer: Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB)
    Rwanda Union of the Blind is a local non-governmental organization legally operating in Rwanda since 1995. It is registered with Rwanda Governance board under the legal personality no 60/05 of 16/03/1995 to work towards the improvement of the living conditions of persons with visual impairment in... See more
    Posted: 23 November 2017
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    1.1. About RUB

    Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB) is a local non-governmental organization legally operating in Rwanda since 1995. It is registered with Rwanda Governance Board under the legal personality n o 60/05 of 16/03/1995 to work towards the improvement of the living conditions of persons with visual impairment in Rwanda. RUB is a member of the National Union of Disabilities Organizations of Rwanda (NUDOR). It is also affiliated to the African Union of the Blind (AFUB) and the World Blind Union (WBU).

    Overtime, the RUB strengthens and extends the scope of its activities by establishing branches in almost all districts of the country. Currently, RUB has 54 well-established branches in 27 out of 30 districts with its headquarters in Kigali City, Nyarugenge District, Muhima Sector on Poids - Lourds Road. All its branches are managed by blind and visually impaired People and focus mainly on advocating for their rights and promoting income-generating projects.

    RUB envisages to have a situation where all necessary services for people with visual impairment are provided as a right of the individual and hope to see education and employment opportunities as well as all other welfare services being as available to those who are visually impaired as they are to all other citizens. In its activities, RUB utilizes training, advocacy and other various strategic mechanisms in order to promote access to necessary services and inclusion for persons with visual impairment and improve the legal and institutional framework in Rwanda.

    1.2 About the project

    This year 2017, Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB) has been awarded a grant by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to implement a 1 year project entitled, “Engendering the visually impaired women in Rwanda into social services (EVIW)”project. The project was inspired by the conviction that implementation of United Nationals Convention on the Right of People with Disabilities (UNCRPD) is the key to addressing the disparity between visually impaired women and other members of society.

    People with visual impairment in Rwanda are among the most disadvantaged groups in the country with limited access to basic needs and social services such as health, rehabilitation, education, employment and microcredit just to name a few. The myths and beliefs associated with disability have created ignorance about their capabilities and have led to their low status and inequality in society. This has led to discrimination and isolation of persons with visual impairment, as they are regarded as people who are incapable of learning or being gainfully employed to take care of themselves and contribute to family and community development. As a result, their participation in the social and economic processes at the family, community and national levels is limited.
    The situation is worse for women and girls who face double discrimination and many end up with no education, healthcare and as single mothers living in impoverished conditions in the periphery of the general life in society. This problem is most acute in the rural areas, where access to facilities and services is more limited.

    The project has been purposefully designed to address three key areas of need for women with visual impairment in line with gender equality at a national level in Rwanda: access to services; participation and inclusion; and improving the legal and institutional framework.

    1.3 The project objectives are:

    • Empowering women with visual impairment in Rwanda on gender equality, enabling them to achieve their basic needs and rights.
    • To enable women with visual impairment to participate more actively in all aspects of family and community life in Rwanda.
    • To develop a more inclusive and supportive environment for women with visual impairment in Rwanda through advocating for their inclusion in National development policies.


    RUB is seeking a consultant, with a proven background and experience in developing training manuals on disability equality that will be used by the organization to carry out a series of capacity building initiatives to targeted audiences.

    2.1 The purpose of the assignment

    Blind and visually impaired people face discrimination in many areas of their lives; Disability Equality manual will be designed to enable people who come in contact with blind people, in whatever capacity, to understand the nature these discriminatory practices take and what can be done to eliminate them.

    The overall purpose of the availability of the manual is to promote the equal participation and inclusion of blind and visually impaired people and mainstream disability issues in development interventions by increasing knowledge and skills on visual impairment disability with an intention to change attitudes within the community.
    The manual will help RUB to effectively engage with decision makers and other relevant stakeholders through training sessions by changing and challenging their behaviors which reinforce negative myths and values and which prevent blind people from gaining equality and achieving full participation in society.

    The manual will be designed for use by RUB staff, Volunteers and members in order to raise awareness of human rights and disability equality among our stakeholders and community in general. 2.2 Objective of the consultancy The overall objective of this assignment is to support RUB to develop an effective disability equality manual.


    3.1 Approach and Methodology

    The approach will be mixed, including the consultant’s personal experience, review of similar and relevant tools, interaction and the use of key informant interviews with relevant people to help in the development of an effective disability equality manual.

    3.2 Scope of the Assignment

    The successful consultant will be required to carry out the following activities/tasks:
     Develop a disability equality manual that analyzes the situation of blind and visually impaired people towards equality, identify equality issues, and demonstrate the practical application of equal opportunities policies and programs for blind and visually impaired people
     Present step-by-step advice on how to improve the quality of development Policies and programs by exercising sensitivity to the visual impairment aspect at various phases of the mainstream development program.
     Present the manual which includes guidance on how to make an inclusive plan towards a “society for all”, where people with visual impairment also can exercise their human rights, and have equal opportunity to achieve well-being as full citizens of the country.
     Develop the manual which demonstrate different techniques and approaches to be used by users of the manual in order to capture the full attention of participants during the training.
     Attend and facilitate the brainstorming workshop on the expected document to be developed with RUB key board, sub-committee members and staff.
     Finalize the manual and submit the final bound document to RUB.

    Note: The selected Consultant is expected to start immediately.

    3.3 Tasks, outputs and suggested timeframe

    Task/Output Estimated time
    a. Inception meeting with RUB Executive director and the project staff to understand the project design and contextual Framework and sign the contract. 1day
    b. Attend and facilitate the brainstorming workshop1 day
    c. Reviewing necessary documents 2 days
    d. Development of the disability equality manual and submitting the first draft of the work to RUB secretariat for observation 5 days
    e. Final corrections and submission of 2 well bound hard copies and one electronic copy of the final manual to RUB secretariat. 1 day
    Total days of the consultancy 10 working days


     Having at least a masters degree level of education
     Knowledge and proven experience in training manual development
     Be able to provide evidence of developing high quality training manuals in English, and working within tight schedules.
     Knowledge and field experience of disability equality programming in humanitarian and long-term development work
     Ability to provide an example of the similar conducted work
     Experience of working with persons with different types of disabilities, especially those with visual impairment.
     Strong commitment to the aims of the project and ability to pay attention to details  Good understanding of UNDP (donor) &RUB working areas.
     Strong English written and verbal communications skills


    Interested applicants should submit their curriculum vitae (CVs), Education certificates/degrees, technical and financial proposals, an example of their work and an application letter. The letter of application should briefly describe how the consultant intends to undertake this assignment for the “Engendering the visually impaired women in Rwanda into social services” project. Note: Due to the expected high volume of applications, we regret that only short-listed applicants will be contacted. If you have not heard from us within 1 week after the application closing date, please consider your application unsuccessful.

    Application documents should be in hard copies and sent to RUB office. The deadline of application for this consultancy work is Monday, 27th November 2017 at 9am



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