• Biomedical and Infrastructure Operational Officer

    Posted: 17 January 2018
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    Job Description

    • Follow
    - up and communicate the preventive and corrective maintenance of health sector equipment and infrastructure
    • Identify the ways to optimize the asset inventory procedures for the health facilities
    • Evaluate the productivity, efficiency, and other specific work quality performance indices of HF biomedical technicians and engineers
    • Perform HF biomedical technicians and engineers performance evaluations and propose the decisions regarding merit increases or promotions.
    • Ensure all resources are available to HF biomedical technicians and engineers as needed to allow them to perform maintenance and repair of medical equipment and systems as assigned.
    • Follow
    - up and implementation of information systems solution for heath technology and infrastructure
    • Develops information systems solution by preparing and evaluating alternative workflow solutions.
    • Identify national health technology and infrastructure trends utilizing real data, compile analysis reports and then follow
    - up on all results.
    • Follow
    - up of the implementation of action plan and budget execution
    • Monitoring and ensuring the quality of activities realized by outsourced maintenance contractors.
    • Reviewing and advise on supply chain issues for hospital equipment and infrastructure
    • Implement a comprehensive management plan regarding health technology & infrastructure
    • Ensuring the training to the HF biomedical technicians and engineers
    • Verify process exists to ensure appropriate response to all requests regarding maintenance of equipment and facilities
    • Produce, review, and make assessments of various reports related to work completion, unfinished work, preventive maintenance completion rates, and repeat equipment failures.
    • Recommend equipment renovation, refurbishment, replacement, or re
    - deployment based on equipment age, failure rate, cost of service, and overall ability to support the clinical use for which it is intended.
    • Evaluate the quality control activities of HF equipment
    • Creates alignment and integration of all MTI units in working towards common goals
    • Prepares and provides compelling presentations at the senior management levels that support decisions making
    • Engages with staff in Division and beyond in “on the job” capacity building to grow their capacity with respect to Planning and the use of financial information in decision making
    • Working under pressure with minimum supervision
    • Performing the given tasks to the highest possible standards within the time frame
    • Contribute to all other activities of the RBC/ MTI, according to the needs
    • Handle any other task given by the supervisor.

    Job Profile

    • Hold at least a Bachelor Degree in Biomedical Engineering / or computer science
    • Knowledge of the health sector in Rwanda and its structures
    • Have international certification in Java programming and business analysis skills are advantages
    • Having a strong system analysis skills
    • Having a working experience in the hospitals is an advantage
    • Excellent strategic and operational planning and monitoring skills to assist in effective and efficient management decision is an advantage
    • Teamwork and teambuilding towards achieving common goals
    • Punctual and a reliable person
    • High communicative and conduct skills
    • Organizational/managerial skills and ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
    • Good report and quality writing skills

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