• Air Worthiness Investigation Specialist

    Posted: 10 January 2018
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    Job Description

    This investigator will be specifically responsible for analyzing technical faults of the aircraft.
    1. The Investigator shall be responsible for conducting aviation accident and incident investigations and compiling accident and incident reports in accordance with ICO Annex 13, Standards
    2. Develop guidance materials in relation to the conduct of investigation
    3. Act as Rwanda’s accredited representative in accident investigation outside the Country.
    4. Complete investigation reports and monitor implementation of safety recommendations
    5. Identity and advice safety deficiencies and unsafe conditions for aviation safe operations

    Job Profile
    A degree in Aeronautical engineering and type rated on aircraft with maximum take
    - off weight (MTOW) of 2,300 Kg or Airworthiness Inspector with experience of more than 5 yearsAn Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License rated for twin
    - engine aircraft of maximum take
    - off weight (MTOW) of 2,300 Kg. and above on pressurized aircraft. Have attended a minimum of 2 accident investigation trainings from ICAO recognized Institution
    Technical skills and knowledge required –
    Conducted Aircraft Accident Investigation before.
    - Understanding of legislation, regulations and Policies and procedures of the State for which they are conducting the investigation
    - The ability to write a final report that meets the requirements of the accident investigation authority of the State conducting the investigation
    - Identify and analyse pertinent evidence in order to determine the causes and, if appropriate, make safety recommendations
    - Knowledge of aviation accident investigation practices, procedures, and techniques.
    - Able to review maintenance and flight records to determine the probable cause of airplane accidents and aviation related engineering.
    - Must have excellent organizational and technical writing skills, and ability to effectively speak and write English

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