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    Posted: 8 March 2019
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    Ruhengeri Institute of Higher Education (INES-Ruhengeri) is re-calling for applications to the following vacant positions:


    Main duties and responsibilities of the position are to:

    • I. Be responsible for keeping the lNES Management informed on national and international opportunities relevant to research and consultancy and take the lead in discussion in the institutions on proposals for developments in these areas;
    • 2. Be responsible for the oversight of the preparation of bids for research funding and tenders for consultancy by staff of INES-Ruhengeri. Ensure that appropriate advice has been taken from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Administration and Finance on costing and advice the INES Management when bids are ready to be signed off;
    • 3. Mobilize INES community, students and academic staff, in doing relevant research for the benefit of surrounding community and beyond;
    • 4. Organise and to supervise/coordinate research and consultancy teams;
    • 5. Disseminate and publish research findings, and offer lessons learned on communities by interacting with other stakeholders;
    • 6. Be responsible of regular and quality publication of INES Scientific Journal;
    • 7. Be promoter and organizer of conferences, seminars and study trips for INES
    • community and/or for INES Partners;
    • 8. Link up with national and international research bodies based on specificities of INES programs and ambitions;
    • 9. Draft and revise policies relating to research and consultancy as requested by the Vice Chancellor of Academics and Research and ensure the dissemination within INES Ruhengeri of all policies, procedures and practices to research and consultancy;
    • 10. Ensure the efficient implementation of institution-wide policies and regulations relating to research and consultancy;
    • 11. Give an updated inventory of ongoing research and consultancy activities, the inventory should include research in the pipeline;
    • 12. Make a follow up on research and consultancy related MoUs with partners for smooth implementation and report on their progress;
    • 13. Make follow-up of the completion of the fieldwork in different consultancies;
    • 14. Prepare an annual report on all research and consultancy and bring to Academic Senate meeting;
    • 15. Promote the development of research culture in INES-Ruhengeri;
    • 16. Search for research grant opportunities and disseminate them to Dean of Faculties.

    Minimum Job requirements

    • I. Being at least a Senior Lecturer/Senior Researcher with a PhD degree in one of the
    • Science domains taught at INES-Ruhengeri;
    • 2. Significant research experience proven by employment background, education,
    • trainings, and social service data;
    • 3. Proof of having in involvement of winning research project;
    • 4. I-laving conducted relevant consultant activities;
    • S. Proven record of excellence in research, consultancy and capacity for initiating,
    • maintaining, and completing complex research and consultancy projects.
    • 6. Significant experience of leading research teams, supervising research staff, and/or
    • experience of working in organizations conducting large scale research and program
    • evaluations, especially those involving individuals across a range of fields and
    • disciplines.
    • 7. Having experience of collaboration with international bodies/research organizations.


    Main duties and responsibilities:

    • I. Student applications, offer, admissions and registration processes;
    • 2. Maintaining and developing student records systems;
    • 3. Exchanging information about student records;
    • 4. Dealing with the whole range of student life from admission to graduation;
    • 5. Administering examinations and solving resulting problems;
    • 6. ’Supporting the application of both national and international students;
    • 7. Facilitating the admission of new students;
    • 8. Maintaining Quality Assurance and developing the institution’s registration policies.

    Minimum Job requirements

    • I. PhD/Masters in Computer with Education or in Statistical Engineering;
    • 2. Priority will be given to candidates who will demonstrate strong working experience in the domain of education;
    • 3. Knowledge of current new ICT technologies (such in Software, Networking ... ), their
    • usage and capabilities;
    • 4. Holding ICT related certificates (CCNA"",), proven portfolio and relating ICT to job
    • creation skills is an added v due;
    • 5. Advanced organizational skills and capacity to handle multiple assignments and meet deadlines with attention to detail and quality.


    Minimum job requirements

    • I. A PhD/Master’s degree III Biomedical Sciences or related discipline with a proven
    • track of experience in the field. A specialization in Histo-Pathology will be an
    • advantage;
    • 2. Ability to work well with a diverse population of people and independently;
    • 3. Possession of a RAHPC License is a must;
    • 4. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing in English and ability (0
    • develop creative future approaches to learning support;
    • 5. Availability for direct appointment as full time staff.


    Minimum job requirements

    • I. A PhD/Master’s degree in Highway or Transportation Engineering with a proven track of experience in the field;
    • 2. Ability to work well with a diverse population of people and independently;
    • 3. Having a solid background in research proven by published papers in national and international academic journals;
    • 4. Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing III English and ability to develop creative future approaches to learning support;
    • 5. Availability for direct appointment as full time staff.

    Duties and responsibilities of the above teaching staff

    • I. Teach the students and ensure adherence to and compliance with current advances in both research and pedagogy, including appropriate textbooks and other literature sources;
    • 2. Compile teaching, study tools and other instructional materials, select appropriate textbooks and other literature sources, support teaching assistants and laboratory and/or field work;
    • 3. Review, evaluate and provide advisory services on research proposal presented for either thesis or funding by students;
    • 4. Mobilize resources for research, teaching, development, networking, outreach,
    • dissemination of research findings community service, internships and placements;
    • 5. Engage in relevant cutting edge research along with students and other academic and technical staff;
    • 6. Provide advisory services in publishing research outputs by students in reputable journals and periodicals that enhances the visibility and recognition of INES-Ruhengeri as an institution of research excellence in the various thematic research fields.


    Minimum job requirements

    • I. A PhD/Master’s degree in computer science, information technology, software
    • engineering, information systems with a minimum of 2 years’ practical experience in
    • software development, technology solution development;
    • 2. The candidates should have among other competence and knowledge, in web and apps development using Java, python, Javascript, php and in SQL BASED database
    • (MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Cassanda) and General
      programming (C, C++, C# and Java); with also knowledge in networking technologies, servers such as Linux and Windows 2012,
    • 3. Must be ethical with good moral values, tolerant, clear understanding of pedagogy
    • teaching proficiencies, ready to nurture high-school students into responsible citizens;
    • 4. While applying, submit the signed recommendation of an accomplished
      job/activity/task of designing and development of a large and complex
      system/application with a URL, address to access that live system;
    • 5. Provide evidence of a published research paper related to software development;
    • 6. Should be proficient in English language with strong writing, listening, and reading and communication skills.


    Minimum job requirements

    • I. A1 in Water Technology or related fields;
    • 2. At least Upper Second Class honours (distinction) is a must;
    • 3. Analytical skills and attention to details;
    • 4. Minimum experience of 2-3 years conducting a variety of tests in a physical, chemical, or biological laboratory;
    • 5. Computer skills in Word processing, and proficiency in Microsoft Office applications;
    • 6. Advanced organizational skills and capacity to handle multiple assignments and meet deadlines with attention to detail and quality.

    Main duties and responsibilities:

    • I. Provide lab training to all users on proper lab methods, procedures, and techniques.
    • 2. Participate in the collection of water samples;
    • 3. Prepare solutions, reagents, equipment. apparatus and accessories and other supplies needed at the lab.
    • 4. Conduct monthly inventory of chemicals, reagents, solutions, and other supplies and equipment essential to laboratory operation.
    • 5. Prepare and maintain technical reports on results of analyses conducted.
    • 6. Clean, sterilize, calibrate and maintain equipment and apparatus used in all tests and analysis.
    • 7. Prepare microbiological media.
    • 8. Maintain accurate files; enter test results into the computer and generate necessary reports.
    • 9. Perform related duties as required.

    How to apply

    Detailed curriculum vitae with proof of required working experience, certified copy of degree(s), a copy of national identity card or passport, certificates and any other useful documents with an application letter addressed to the Vice-Chancellor of INES-Ruhengeri should be submitted electronically via inesruhengeri@yahoo.fr or physically via the Central Secretariat of INES Ruhengeri not later than 18th March 2019 at 5:00 PM.

    Only shortlisted candidates will be notified via www.ines.ac.rw.


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